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Gaspari Nutrition Halodrol MT


any comments on this product? i am 18 and lookin for something that will give me results with the least side effects possible


Try food.


this isnt a steroid.

youre a kid. go learn how to eat and train. then start using supplements.


alrite i got a question then ive been eating clean and every thing and working out for an hour a day should i workout more ? and if halodrol aint a steriod it cant be that bad rigt?


It won't do anything...

Save your money for food


Yeah, exactly. Uranium-235 "aint" a steroid either, so feel free to load up on that while you're at it.


Look, learn to train and eat. How about you take that money you were intending on spending on HalodrolMT, save a little more, and get a personal trainer... Even if it is just to get a routine written and learn proper form. Something around 80-85% of the people in the gym have shitty form (at least at 24hr fitness, bally's, LA fitness) so this alone will give you a boost.

That supplement is worthless, you would be better off buying GNC's creatine then that.

The original Halodrol-50 from gaspari was actually a 'quality' product as it contained a designer steroid nearly identical to Oral Turinabol.


wel i got it a while back for like 15 bucks caus some sale at gnc .but i like the advice thanks



There's more testosterone in your system now than there will be in the rest of your developmental life. Take advantage of it now and train/eat intelligently. Most of us wish we took advantage at your age. Mine was lack of nutrition. I was a big 18 year old ad plenty "jacked" with no supplements. But I could have been huge with the right nutrition. Hit the gym, stay consistent, and remember nothing replaces a good diet, not even steroids/supplements. If you're to buy anything, buy protein and a gym membership.