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Gaspari Novadex XT For PCT?


hey folks i have got some novadex xt(gaspari nutrition)that ive been using for alittle less than 2 weeks now,seems to be working,am getting stronger and hornier,so it seems to live up to its name.Now my question is,im planning on running a 6week cycle of paper turin from redi cat(who i stumbled apon on t-mag)at 60mg a day.

Ihave read in some mags that this product ids adequate for pct(i intend to take a 1month break between finishing the 1st month of novadex xt and the cycle,then recomence towards the end of the turinabol cycle.

i intend to take milk thistle and dandelion through out the oral cycle and use extra fish oil and plant sterols to negate the potential cholesterol problems..now i know many here would advise against an oral only cycle,some insisting that nothing will be achieved without injecting at least 7000ccs of test into my nob every hr on the hr and taking copious quantities of insulin!!!YES IM BEING FACETIOUS!!

im sorry but it just seems that some of the advise on dosages for NON competitive training seams alittle excessive in my eyes.im looking for hopefully about a 5kg lean mass increase with minimal sides.

i have trained martial arts and weights for the better part of twenty yrs and mountain bike off road frequently.i weigh about 90kgs at im guessing 12-14%bf currently,is just spring in aus so am just starting to clean up my diet.

i am a chef,so i can graze on skinless chicken breast,egg white and smoked salmon all day,obviously plenty of salad and nuts and avacados as well.now,any advise other than take loads more gear would be much appreciated..and yes ive had a few glasses of red wine as i write this(hence the marathon ramble)but that will go out the door also a month b4 the turin starts


The Gaspari supplement is not real nolvadex. Although a 6-weeks mid dose turanabol cycle will not need extensive PCT, I would advise you get the real deal as OTC supplements are not advisable.


You can get real nolva for the same price as the gaspari stuff. I know chem one stuff makes in into Canada with no problems. However I am unsure about Australia.


Go with chem one and no you will not recover fully with the gas stuff. P.M. Me and I will give you some basic PCT protocol to build from.

My 2 cents,