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G-Flux Workout Suggestions

I’ve just been reading JB’s g-flux redux article, and one of the workout schedules he recommends is:

  1. Lower body strength
  2. Upper body power
  3. Light cardio (walk, cycle etc)
  4. Upper body strength
  5. Lower body power
  6. Full body drills (plyos, sled drags, callisthenics etc)
  7. rest

Anyone tried this sort of schedule, and have tips for the workouts on each of the days? I’m looking for a few ideas, esp for the strength and power days.


To me it kinda seems like a WS4SB program with focus on the athlete (I would think power would translate to the “dynamic days”). You could probably look up one of those programs on here or Joe Defranco’s site.

for upper body strength and power things like:



will work for strength lower/upper. and things like:

squat jump

power rack shrugs
jump pushups/chins
med ball throws and other throwing drills

would work for power days. I think that thinking speed w/ weight for power days and max pounds for strength days is good idea. just like said above, DE and ME days is a good way of going about it.

Having a RE day while trying to stimulate G-flux is also advantageous. things like taking your ten rep max and trying to work up to 20 reps as a goal. things like that help you get into “G-flux” mode faster. It takes a while to “feel” what JB is talking about. raising your metabolism is not a quick process.


Berardi said he would do an article explaining the workouts. If you’re unsure, you can wait (don’t hold your breath).

EDT works good too.