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Funniest thing i've ever seen

Go to www.rinkworks.com/dialect/ and then go to the jive option and type in the t-mag address, then see t-mag totally re-written in JIVE!!! you can also see it in red neck and a few others. I suggest jive and then read the volumes of strength. Its soooo funny.

I’ve done it and have also used “Elmer Fudd”. That site is pretty cool - you useto be able to read whole websites, but for some reason for awhile you couldn’t. I wonder…

Read the t-mag mission statement with it. “massa Weida” Its great.

Cool, you can now just enter a url and read a “dialectize” a whole page. Try reading “Live the Code” in Renegade Training as Jive or Elmer Fudd. VERY funny!!!