Full Body Program

Just wanted some Feedback on this program guys.

Goal 1: Strength
Goal 2: Size

Workout 1. Work up to 3RM

High Pull

A1 Deadlift A2 Bench Press

B1 GHR B2 Push Press

C1 BB Curl C2 Rack Lock Outs

D1 Static Back Hold (5-10 seconds)

Workout 2. 2x12 (14RM)

A1 Bulgarian Squat A2 Reverse hyper A3 Bent Over Row

B1 Incline Press B2 Face Pulls B3 Seated Row

C1 Hammer Curl C2 Tricep Extensions C3 Swiss Ball crunch

Workout 3. 5x5 (increase weight when all 25 reps can be performed)


A1 Box Squat A2 Leg Curl

B1 Pull up B2 Dips

C1 Leg Raises C2 Russian Twist

Im Going to be doing sprints (25m - 50m) and some other anaerobic conditioning (circuits etc) on one other day also.

thanks in advance

Looks good. How many sets per exercise.

This looks like a program that you could continue making progress with for a few weeks easily.

good looking workout

Thanks for the replies guys.

Can Anyone think of any relevant questions that might help me with aspects of a training program that i may have forgotten.

Do the rep and set ranges look ok for each day?

Would it be alright to do workout 2 the day before workout 1 and then do workout 3 4 days after, so it would look like this:

Thanks again in advance

Between the high pulls, deadlifts, GHRs and rack lockouts all done heavy on day one you might want to either change the exercise selection, or not work up to a 3rm on all of those movements for the sake of you’re lower back

yea, good points on the lower back.
ive tried to gear alot of the movements towards posterior chain work because its an important component that i could do with working on.

As i dont have a ghr machine at our gym, they are done naturally and i cant actually perform 1 full concentriccontraction, how do you think i should go about setting up the reps and sets for them.

the rack lock outs are actually the top 1/8 of the bench press for the triceps.

so everything looks good. anything you’d change, do differently, diff parameters? day splits?

can someone recommend a tried and tested sprint and anaerobic conditioning session please :slight_smile: i would be most greatful.

reasoned advice welcome