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Forum Downtime


On Wednesday morning, the forum will be temporarily shut down to implement some upgrades. Before then, we ask that you check your profile and update your e-mail address if needed. You do this by going to "My T-forums" then "Edit Profile".

Without a valid e-mail, you may not be
able to log back on when the forum goes up.



Patricia wants to know if her post total will be affected.


Jared's a putz.


Patricia's a boo-boo head.


Movin on up!!


Kids, kids, it's so immature to try and add posts to your totals.

:slight_smile: +1


Jared, I know you're nobody's fool; but maybe someone will adopt you one day.


So, any teasers as to what changes will be made?


Jesus, every thread I go to, here you guys are playing this juvenile game...




It's childish, I'm telling you.


A little tidbit I heard from admin about the "upgrades" being installed is one of them will be a post count padding BS meter..

Meaning all those stat padding threads will be deleted and post count dropped accordingly..



Oh shit.


Ike's screwed.


A.L., are you insinuating that a post consisting of "yep" is merely an attempt to pad numbers?

The nerve!

Actually, as Jared (I think) pointed out, a BS meter would be far too subjective, and could become more of a popularity contest.

Which would surely jettison me to the top.


Changes will be minor this time, mostly behind the scenes changes, but the T-forum will soon have many new features everyone is going to really enjoy.


Ah, so a real teaser. :slight_smile:



guarantee i will do better on thursday's chem exam now!!


I heard that every post from a new member will automatically generate a reply asking whether or not the member deadlifts. This should save Ike some time.


Ooh, good one, Mike!