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For White Rabbit/Lobstah and Friends

If you were not part of the windup, not very much of this will make sense. The people who get this, will, get it. I also apologize to T-Mag for taking up server space.

Hindsight is indeed 20/20. Imagine a 6.5 week fog lifting in the span of two seconds. A trail of events leading to an epiphany of what exactly has transpired. When I get the chance, I will have to learn the intricacies of short term vs. long term memory and how they relate to each other. I will also have to learn how the mind organizes data into a coherent chain of events vs. random unfiltered data. Deja Vu? It felt like it at times. But today the entire thing cracked wide open leaving me exposed for what I am: Wound Up.
Im not sure if I got everything, some of the details are left out, probably due to the fact that some memory function completely blanked out - it was a month and a half after all. I also forgot the significance of some of the events - my memory has served me better. I also appreciate it for what it was, an event that I feel has left me a better person. Sometimes your own truths, faults, and mistakes need to be brought to your attention so you may change the course for the better. And change some we have, but I will get to that later.
Now, let me see if I got it:
JPEGS and GIF’s - crafty
MA PC - stay outta there!
Passat Guy - forget who was supposed to be driving it.
Study Guy - not sure who it was.
Est. Rep - walked right buy - I laughed but could’t figure out why.
Dr. C - sorry I had to bring in you know who, but I forgot C would be involved.
Who left that faucet on?
80 Pages - this caused me great anxiety, but I am not sure why.
ADHD - not me, but an interesting topic. I hope the people with this do well and flourish as they should.
Just Kidding - perhaps this will be much better received when I am out with the correct “Audience” who appreciates this “all the time” as my buddies do.
Figured out who the pregnant lady is.
Aloha. - but why was I going there?
Carlos does indeed have a great gig.
Quincy Market anyone? - its not in Quincy.
The pointy axe is excellent - although Im not sure if this was part of it.
Funny when you read your own jokes on your favorite joke page, and you didn’t submit them.
That was radio’s finest hour(s) - only God knows how the CD player was not on as it almost always is.
The existence of a multiple disciplined religious figurehead.
The tire - good thing I went back 30 minutes later to see if they needed a change , AAA was already on the way. I went back 30 minutes after my second visit to see if AAA had indeed come, yes they had. Why did I care about these people so much? What would make me attempt 3 total times to help them? The third time in that lot was when it all worked together. Im glad they got on their way. And I am glad I went back. But who were they and how did you all stage that one?
Performance has me back on track, apparently one of your associates shops there as well.
Yes, it was all my own work, and Ill swear until my dying day that it was.
Crash - good flick, liked the timeline. Good social points also. Made me think about how I can be better at what I am good at, and improve what I am not good at.
God knows how many posts on all the sites were there just for me.

Maybe there were more things, maybe there were not, I guess only the team knows.
As far as your evaluations, who am I to evaluate what needed to be done in order for me to have a greater understanding of who I am and how I relate to this wonderful universe of ours? I sure can’t grade it! But I do indeed appreciate what you have done for me and I thank you. I also don’t appreciate some of the things, but such is the nature of how you think others perceive you. The unappreciated things needed doing. I have learned from them, and I have made what my associates and I feel is a positive direction change.
I am not sure if this is done, or if it will go on. Only your team can control that. I do beleive you have made your point. But like I said, it is out of my hands.
I do have 2 requests which of course, you may or may not feel like honoring:
Please take care and do well if you are to enter my daily 9-5 responsibilities.
More importantly:
Please also leave my future in my hands. I believe you may have impacted it already, and that is fine for it is what you felt was needed. Now, I understand more fully what it is I want and need, and how to go about earning, yes, earning that goal. And once that goal is earned, whatever it may be, I am pretty sure I will be damn good at it.
Now how have I made some positive changes? Ask around, you may hear some things that surprise you. Look around, you might see some things, which may or may not be things. Listen up, for the sounds you hear only pass by your ear one time in that same form. Im sure you realize that some things also can not change - you just can not get up and reinvent all of yourself. But no one but me and my associates needs to realize these things as they shall not be discussed further.
And by the way - I do have a few suggestions for creating a more surreal experience for the end user. But we will have to wait on those as I am going to be more difficult to locate in the future. I just won’t be going the same places I have haunted for quite some time. But, you do know how to get hold of me.

Now where does that leave us? Im wound up and I can admit it. Your team appears to have done its job. I look forward to positive interactions with you and your team in the future. Now good luck, God bless - yes I said and beleive in a single God, and good evening.

“If it doesn’t make much sense, it doesn’t make it lies” - Soundgarden