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Flax Oil & Feeling Exhausted

Every time I use flax oil, I feel like I get a wave of exhaustion that hits me. It feels that it doesn’t agree with me on any level. Does this happen to anyone else?

This does not happen with, any other type of fat. I am not taking it with any carb meals, SO its not that.

Do you use flax oil often?

The possibility of estrogenic effects of flax have been discussed. If if makes you feel bad, don’t use it. Fish Oil is arguably more effective anyway.

If you feel you need extra Omega 3’s, double up the fish oil, or add an inexpensive fish oil to your Flameout (if you take that).

Don’t use the stuff take a TBSP of fish Oil if your after omega 3’s or if your adding to a shake go for Olive oil but choose a mild one as to not flavor the shake too much.