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FL, GA, ALA T-Cell

I’d like to get in contact with T-Men and T-Vixens in the Florida, South Georgia and South Alabama area. Lets start a T-Cell in this area so we can benefit from each others knowledge, experience and get discouts on Biotest products! PM me or respond here. Lets get this ball rolling!

I’m out of Charleston, SC, so I would be interested. Since this would probably be the closest T-Cell locally.

Burke, no doubt, I’m in. I’m in Central Georgia, we deffinately need a T-Cell in this area.


Thanks for getting this started! I’m in south Alabama and would love to be a part of a T-Cell for this area.

I’m all for it! I do beleive we have a US National Olympic Weightlifting Center around Savannah somewhere!

Sounds good. I’m in South Alabama. What’s the next step?

Alright, thanks for the responses guys. I’m kinda centered bewtween Tallahassee FL, Panama City FL, and Dothan ALA. I don’t mind driving to meet somewhere. We need to find a centralized point and try to set up a meeting where the most people can attend. Where is everyone from, and what days/times are you available for a get-together?

Well, anyone going to give locations so we can do this?

Sorry Burke, haven’t been able to be on the forum much lately.

Finding a time to drive to a meeting will be difficult, but I’m willing to work on it. I’m from Daphne, AL, about 50 miles west of Pensacola. As far as days & times, that’s where I’m kinda limited. Weekends will be the best bet, and I don’t have a free one for about a month. That’s the best I can do for now. Let me know if you want to contact off-list.

I’m in tallahassee florida. I think something like this would be great idea.

O.K. guys, we seem kinda spread out, but I think this is beginning to come together. I want to plan a meeting with “lisaworksout, Kong, JPanchalk and tones” in either Pensacola or Destin. What do you guys think of this? Will a Saturday be good for everyone? I will also be in Columbus GA on 5-24 and 25th. Anyone want to meet in that area? I also need some ideas as of what to do at a meet besides “meet and eat”. The first couple of times will be easy enough but what about after that?

I live in Columbus, GA. I would love to meet here.

Pensacola sounds good, Burke. Destin is a bit far for me, but P’cola would be a ways for tones to drive, so we should probably split the diff. Saturdays would be the best day for me, but we’ll need to plan well in advance. We really can’t feasibly meet more than maybe once every 2 months or so. So, as far as what to do, I’d say maybe start with everyone discussing their goals etc. with training and nutrition, and then maybe getting/giving input from the rest of the group. Maybe set some goals to accomplish before the next meeting, then keep each other motivated through the board. These are just some thoughts, so anyone else chime in.

Hey ya’ll I’m in Mobile Al.It’s a long way from Charleston SC to Mobile. How about sub groups then try to get everyone
together later in the summer or fall.I work 12 hr shifts so time could be a problem.

I’m right across the bay, my friend. Where do you work out in Mobile?

Hey Kong ,
The YMCA .(insert jokes here)The chandler branch.
What about you?

Haha! No need to insert jokes, cuz I’m the same, Bounds Branch. It has been till recently the only gym in the area worth using. I’ll PM you my email if you want to contact me off the forum.

Great, yeah the seperate groups sounds like the best way to go for now. Then we could all get together for a big meet once in a while too.

Are there any T-Cells in Charleston, SC right now? That’s where I am…

i guess the guy coming to Columbus doesnt want to meet up with me. Thats cool.