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fish oil

Has anyone experienced noticable results from adding 6 grams of EPA/DHA from fish oil into their diet?

In response to the fish oil question-I started taking six capsules of Sams Club Members Mark Omega 3 fatty nacids about a month ago.I take it before bed as to avoid fish breath.It has completely alleiviated my almost chronic heartburn.About one week after starting this regimen I noticed that My mood was better and,shockingly, I was being nice to my customers at work.I suppose when one’s guts are’nt constantly on fire you can’t help but feel a little better.The other benefit that I’ve noticed is a substantial increase in my sex drive.Could it be a result of higher testoserone?Whatever the case,it seems pretty logical that Flax and fish oils would serve as lubricants for the body.The life expectancy in cultures who consume large amounts of fish is good evidence of this.Give it a shot.At 8 bucks for 1000 capsules it is certainly worth a try.

Noticeable? no i havent, but I still use it because its supposed to be good for me.

Yup. Big difference. I get lousy tasting burps. I prefer Udo’s Oil.

8 bucks for 1000 caps? the ones i got from sams were 8 bucks for 150 caps that were 1000mg each. to get 6g of epa/dha that means 20 caps a day so one bottle lasts 7.5 days, so it comes out to about a dollar a day.

This topic has been killed. Good suggestion - try Dale Alexander’s. Concentrated fish oil mixed with mint and apple pectin. I actually like the taste. 2 Tblsp gives me approx 10g daily.