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FIsh Oil & Sun Sensitivity


I have just recently become more sensitive to sunlight(i.e. I burn way easier) than I used to be. Like in 2 hours vs. the 8 - 10 it used to take! I have not changed jobs or diet, I get almost the exact same amount of time in the sun as every other summer. The only thing different that I can think of is that I now take about 6 grams of fish oil per day. Is there any way this is affecting my skin in a negative way? Any thoughts or ideas?


are you taking a fish oil from a liver source? such as cod liver oil etc
these usually have naturally occurring vit D, an excess of which could be the cause. the excess of Course depends on other sources in your food.


I do take a cod liver oil as well as the vitamin D I take every morning. I stopped all vitamins and planned to take them in one at a time until the culprit showed up, but D will be my main target. Any studies to back this up??? I will start googling. Thanks