First Test Cycle. Let Me Know If This Sounds Good

Hello everyone. I’m about to do my first test e cycle. Running 400mg/wk, i have adex on hand if sides come up. Heres where im getting confused, some people say run adex from day 1 and others say have it on hand in case of gyno or other estro sides. Another thing i need clarity on is my pct. For my pct i was planning on running clomid/nolva, but now the guy im grabbing off of says just run clomid and adex but i know adex is an AI and nolva is a SERM. Should I run clomid/nolva or clomid/adex. I feel like i should run clomid/nolva and just have adex on hand for sides especially since its only 400mg/wk (200mg fri, 200mg monday).
please give me input! Thanks !


You don’t need both Clomid and Nolva. That was a good and respectable pct for a lot of years, but as time moves on it is used less and less. Most guys are fine using one or the other. Nolva seems to have far fewer side effects so that might be where you want to land. As far as an AI after a cycle I don’t see the reasoning behind it. The AI works by inhibiting your excess test from aromatising. Once you’re off the test and into pct your goal is to get your system back to normal. Take your AI the day of your first pin. You can start out at a lower dose if you’d like, since you’re running only 400mgs/w of test. I say only because at that dose some guys don’t need an AI at all. Then again I would bet at that dose some guys would get hugely out-of-range e2 almost immediately. It’s very dependent on the individual. So maybe start lower and see how it goes. Crashing your e2 might actually be worse than having it a little high. I know for me higher is not nearly as miserable as lower is.

Thats exactly what i was thinking about AI. So your saying it may be better to wait and have it a little high then take it day 1 and crash? How low of a dose are you talking day 1 as well?

I take a huge amount when it’s compared to the TRT dose of test that I use. I’m not normal on that front. I was told take it day one, and I did. Did it make a difference at all? No idea. Took about three months to dial in my AI, so I don’t know what would have been different if I had taken it on week two instead. I do know that you won’t get gyno if you wait a few days to take your AI at the start of a lighter cycle. If you said you were running a gram each of test, deca, and EQ then I’d say take it day one. Maybe you split the baby here and take it on the day you do your second pin.

how much adex should i be taking on the second pin? .5mg EOD seems to be the goto if nips start getting sore but im looking to confirm

You can get away with .5mg E3D. Half-life is a little over two days. Again, for a modest test-only cycle you should be able to take it on the days you pin and not see any real problems.

Is this pharma grade or UGL?

90% sure its UGL since my boy is hooking me up. Hes on RN though and its clear this aint just oil.