First knee injury,pray that it won’t be permanent

Recently I tried squating heavier weight and also continue my daily jogging which I had been doing before the knee injury,now my right knee have injury and it’s unstable,loose or weakness to describe.I have heard that knee injury don’t heal,so am really worried.Any input will be appreciate.

IMO, you need to prioritize what is most important. That is, are you a jogger or a lifter?
If a lifter, you can substitute walking for the jogging. Of course, if you are a jogger, you need to back way off the heavy weight.

How did the injury occur? Lifting? Jogging? Something else?
Where does it hurt? Or does it just feel loose and unstable?

How is your squat form? Can you post a video?
At what weight was on the bar for your described “heavier weight?”

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Do you even know what the injury is? A diagnosis would be step one

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The injury occur after my leg and abs workout,which include 15min jog.I was squating 73kg hypertrophy style and also did db walking lunge(22.5kg per hand).All for 5 sets at 10-12rep each set,and other isolation exercises for abs.The jog 15min is done at 8.5Km/hr.I didn’t sense any problem until after the 2nd day which I did chest and shoulder also with a 15min jog.

I was also on a bulk,I weighted 73kg two weeks ago,and now I am around 75kg.I bulked up because I wanted to increase my strength and then cut back to maintainence weight or maybe maintain at 75kg

Edit:I would consider myself as somewhat below and near intermediate lifter.Hybrid,been going to the gym consistently for 4 years and also jogging for many more years.Is bicycle machine also bad for knee or is it not bad for the knee

Haven’t got a diagnosis as it’s not serious enough to affect my work,but it does worry me because working out is my main hobby and I do it to improve my mental and physical health.I can still walk and jog or even run,it’s just that from my own experience if I continue to my routine I might end up longer term out,and I am probably not David goggin if you understand what I mean

Edit:And your right,it is not an injury yet

I hear you. It’s hard to give any kind of advice, because I have no idea what’s going on, and I’m not a doctor anyway.

Very generally, I’d say you usually have to take something out when adding something in. So if you already have that jogging baseline, and you’re adding squatting, you might have to reduce the volume of the running.

Another thought is to really slowly progress the squat. CT has an article either here or on his site about “progressing forever” (sorry, I don’t remember the title). The gist is to use a fixed-weight progression model where you just make the reps harder week to week by adding pauses, slower eccentrics, etc., so you’re really owning a weight by the time you do eventually go up. That should also help build supporting musculature and tendon strength so you’re very stable when you make the next weight jump. Maybe something like that would help you handle both.

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I have no idea what this means.

My thought is to stop all high impact leg work, like jogging. Walking, bicycling, elliptical, etc. are all low impact cardio on the knee.

If you lift weights long enough you will be dealing with working around injuries. Learn to adapt. One simple approach is don’t do what hurts.

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Hyperthrophy training style meant that it’s not strength training but more towards endurance and muscle building.

Yea,I will be using the bicycle machine,is deadlifting heavy dumbbell also bad for the knees?As I will be doing dumbbell bench press tomorrow,so would need to deadlift it to my knee for setup and then lift the weight back up as I don’t like to drop the weight after the set

I understand.I find that if your form is good enough,making the weight jump if possible will be the best choice.And when you do go back to the lower weight,it will be very easy to control.The harder part is to be able to make the weight jump and maintain good form while being safe

Only you can assess that. In and of itself, deadlifting heavy dumbbells is not at all bad for the knees. But if there is loss of structural integrity many movements are dangerous to the knee.

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Ok thank you.I think there might be some lost of structure integrity,if not I wouldn’t have started this post

I can’t say exactly how you feel, but I prioritize lifting above all other activity. Just guessing your problem, I would start my recovery using knee sleeves for additional support and consciously focus on zero lateral movement of my knee, doing squats, leg presses, and leg extensions. All bilateral movements to minimize lateral movement, that means no lunges (or jogging.). Once you feel the stability within your knee is returned, feel free to exercise as you wish.

Of course, do no exercise that hurts your knee joint.

So this is from my perspective, having had both ACL’s replaced due to BJJ injuries.

Go to the doctor, like tomorrow. What could be a minor injury now can turn into a major injury later if you don’t know the extent of the minor injury. Flailing around in the dark, looking up symptoms on the internet, and asking on message boards isn’t going to give you a real diagnosis. You can decide on what path you want to take AFTER you get a diagnosis.

If you want more info on my experiences either let me know here or DM me if you’d rather have a private chat.


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Update:I went for physical therapy two days ago they used massage,tens and then laser therapy.The senior therapist mentioned that my issue is muscle imbalance,the right quad is smaller then my left hence I need to avoid lateral movement and just focus on form and building it back.

This is perfect advice. This was me around 2019. KInda came to a crossroads and had to choose. Haven’t run in a few years now.
You can substitute with bike riding or walking thoigh.

This is good to hear. Surprised that it would create instability though?
Have you had any imaging done? This is not the kind of thing you want to guess with.

They did ultrasound and measurement.Currently wearing knee sleeves when working out,I am not really motivated after being out for a week.

I hear ya. Injury sucks. I fight the battle with my shoulder/back constantly.

I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for your lack of motivation. I worked out hurt most all the years I competed, and never had a single drop of motivation. Find exercises that don’t hurt and do those.