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First Cycle: Anadrol

Hi guys, I would like to know your opinion about my first cycle:

1-6 weeks:

  • 50mg Anadrol
  • 4 Liv.52 DS


  • 4 PCT


Don’t do it


Don’t do oral only cycles especially anadrol only.

Liv 52 is a bullshit liver supplement

What are you going to pct with.

Any cycle containing any AAS aka steroids will suppress your natural testosterone production. As in you take steroids and within days your natural testosterone production is zero so you have no test in your system if you don’t use synthetic testosterone. If you take just anadrol you will have no Testosterone and you will be working against that trying to gain muscle when your body is just trying to function without something that it needs. Ever hear the saying one step forward two steps back? If you just use anadrol by the time you finish and PCT you will have less muscle than when you started and you will have gained fat.

Your first cycle and everyone’s first cycle needs to be testosterone only. Go get a bottle or two of testosterone enanthate or cypionate. You can get away with injecting that just once a week but dividing your dose into two equal shots per week is better. Run that for ten weeks minimum, really should be 12 weeks. Use Nolvadex for PCT. Also get either aromasin or arimidex just in case you have estrogen issues on cycle. You can dose your Testosterone from 250mgs a week up to about 500mgs for your first couple of cycles and you will gain crazy muscle if you eat sleep and train correctly.

If you wanted to run a shorter cycle you could run 8 weeks of Testosterone propionate but you will have to inject every other day.

Never do any oral only cycle, period! Never run any cycle without at least some basic testosterone replacement level dose. Your body needs testosterone to function properly.

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I say go for it!
Next flat dick thread coming in 7 weeks.


Dude it’s your first cycle. Have you even researched anything at all about this?

Terrible idea