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Felt My Back Pop While Deadlifting

Guys, I am a relative newcomer who has taken some great things from this site and put them to practice at the gym. I JUST came back from the gym where I was deadlifting and felt a pop in my lower back. After trying to work through it, I realized that I needed treatment.

I took 3 Motrin and have been alternating ice and heat every 20 minutes for the last hour. Any advice you could give would be eagerly and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

All I can say is that I’ve hurt my back doing Good Mornings for the first time and my back would spasm whenever I sneezed for a few months. Back is strong, but when its hurt, let it heal. I’m sure other guys will have other tips.

First off use only ice not heat for the first 48 hours. Secondly motrin is a good choice for an anti-inflammatory. I don’t know what the dose should be but I suspect that you should be on it for a good 2 weeks. Don’t do anything to cause further pain.

Were you in a lot of pain when you heard the pop? this maybe different but I remember doing bent over rows, with my back rounded, which is stupid and plainly wrong and i heard a pop. Well turned out it was a disc. Assuming its not going to hit a nerve you maybe lucky.

The only real way of knowing for sure is to have diagnosis with a C.A.T. scan.
I am assuming the pain is coming from your lumbar region, is there any pain running down your leg?

You may want to go the doctors so he can make an evaluation.

Thanks for the input guys. I have no other pain, running down my leg or otherwise. I have a long history of athletic endeavors and the accompanying injuries, but believe it or not, this is the first time I have ever felt pain in my back.

The ironic thing is, based on what I have learned from this site, I just started adding deadlifts and hang cleans to my workouts. It was the last rep on my third and final set this morning.

Any idea on how long I am going to be out? I hate the thought of missing significant time given the gains I have made the last few months. Thanks again for your help.

back can take a long time to recover from my experience … and it can turn out you will feel the injury for a long time after you recover. physiotherapy could be needed if it is serious enough.

try to avoid anything that hurts or you will get chronic pain in the spot.

I hurt my back in march 05…i was out till july…and it still hurts some just about everyday. so yeah…it could take a while or never get completely better