Feedback Please: TRT, Proposed 8 Week Cycle Below

M, 36 y/o, 6’, 205lbs, 9%BF, 4 years training 5-6x/week with proper diet after 20+ years eating and lifting like a bro (translation: taco bell and beer and lifting just bi’s and chest and no lower body).

On TRT @ 200mg test cyp/week for last 1.5years

Proposed 8 week cycle:
week 1-8: Adex 1mg ED
week 3-8: Dbol 20mg ED
week 1-8: Test cyp 200mg/week (this is just my TRT dose)
week 1-8: Tren Ace 50mg ED
week 1-8: Cardarine 20mg ED

Post-cycle: maintain test cyp @ 200mg/week. No PCT.


  • HCG: given that I’m on TRT and staying on TRT after the 8 weeks, is adding HCG necessary? I’m not worried about cosmetics of nut shrinkage and my natural test production is already shut off due to TRT.

  • Are tren dosages low enough that I don’t need Caber?

  • Is Dbol overkill for me? This is my first stack cycle and I’m inclined toward the school of thought that says use as few compounds as possible for as long as you can so if the tren ace

  • My other concern with Dbol is the sides from running that androgen on top of Test. The Adex will be used throughout but want to minimize bloat and water retention from the Dbol and not sure if the Adex plus tren ace plus cardarine will help with this sufficiently.

  • I only want to run max 3 compounds at a time, any suggestions for a 3rd compound to add to test and tren other than Dbol for mass? Instead of Dbol, I considered EQ but decided against it because its suited for longer cycles. Also considered mast which I have read has good synergies with Tren but don’t think Mast will add much on top of what tren ace does and also don’t want to run two 19-nors simultaneously based on where I’m at in terms of being a relative newbie to AAS and what I’ve read.