Favorite Supplement Articles

[quote]Mike T. wrote:
Long story short, i know there is a ton of information on Micronized Creatine Monohydrate. So much in fact that it’s hardly written about any more.
There are a few things that i want cleared up about the supplement that i can’t seem to find.[/quote]
This was one of the more recent and more thorough creatine articles. Might help:

Some interesting one that pop to mind…
The Third Law of Muscle (Importance of pre- and during-workout nutrition):

How to Eliminate Love Handles, Man Boobs, or Jelly Belly (Supplement strategies for problem areas):

You Are What You Absorb (Digestion is under-appreciated):

The Double Dose Surge Challenge (Before Surge Workout Fuel and the Third Law, it demonstrated the effectiveness of complete peri-workout nutrition):