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Favorite Supplement Articles


Long story short, i know there is a ton of information on Micronized Creatine Monohydrate. So much in fact that it's hardly written about any more.
There are a few things that i want cleared up about the supplement that i can't seem to find.

Other than that i think it would be interesting to get a list of slick reads and great articles on our favorite supplements. However common or rare the information is.

Besides, it doesn't hurt to freshen up your brain. Might be a few things that you forgot, or something that you didn't know at all that you could implement into your daily routines.....

Soo, feel like contributing??


This was one of the more recent and more thorough creatine articles. Might help:

Some interesting one that pop to mind...
The Third Law of Muscle (Importance of pre- and during-workout nutrition):

How to Eliminate Love Handles, Man Boobs, or Jelly Belly (Supplement strategies for problem areas):

You Are What You Absorb (Digestion is under-appreciated):

The Double Dose Surge Challenge (Before Surge Workout Fuel and the Third Law, it demonstrated the effectiveness of complete peri-workout nutrition):


Appreciate the response, I'm going to look into a few of those now. I've actually read 3 of those articles in the past. Would never hurt to freshen up. I'm off work today :slight_smile: