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Favorite Figure 8 Straps?

I’m looking for preferences in Figure 8 straps. All of my current straps and knee wraps are from APT, which doesn’t appear to acrually be in business anymore. I have a couple of pairs of wrist wraps that I think are Inzer and Titan. Just got my old gym bag out of storage and digging through stuff I haven’t seen in forever. My old straps have some fraying (Although they are cotton and kevlar and rated for 6 or 7k lbs) and are probably going to last forever, but I’m intrigued by these Figure 8 dealio’s. Thinking maybe I ought to try them.
Side note, Inzer is fantastic as a company. I just shipped off my old lever which is missing a prong and old as dirt. No issues at all on the return. They mean “Forever” when they quarantee it forever.

I just have the cheap $10 Kangos from Amazon. They still look new after 2-3 years. Figures 8s are neat, when they’re on the bar, you can still adjust your grip width back and forth.

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I recently bought a pair of Cobra Grips figure 8 straps, and I really like them:

If you’re going to use them for axle work, get the large size; they run a bit on the small side.

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I got a set of figure 8s from Cerberus. In truth, I found I just plain don’t like figure 8s compared to traditional straps, but as far as a quality product goes, Cerberus keeps making them.

How do you feel about the sizing? @spiceweasel posted straps that indicate they’re for a small wrist, I quess the larger size might be better (I didn’t look yet). I’ve got 8 1/4" wrists, so I don’t want to hate them because I bought the wrong size.

I got the 80 cm straps for 8"+ wrist size and they fit just fine for barbell and for axle. For reference, my wrists are just a smidge under 8" (a little more than 7 7/8").

Okay, so I’m looking closer at what’s on Amazon. They seem to come two different ways. Cerberus has two different variations, the center part is stitched together differently. What is the reason for this? One is twisted and stitched flat, the other is just the loop pinched and stitched together.
And @Chris_Colucci keeps editing my thread title to the American spelling of “Favourite” for some reason.

I honestly didn’t measure my wrists, winged it and got straps that were too big for a barbell but good for an axle. I prefer the Why Our Way straps for that though.

What’s with the two different ways of stitching the center of the “8” though? is one way better than the other for some reason?

I’ve only owned one set of figure 8s. I don’t know how the other kinds are stitched.



Ah, I getcha. I have the top style. Didn’t realize they sold a different one.