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fatburners and high blood pressure

with borderline blood pressure,I am afraid to use md6 or other thermogenics.At 41 and 18%BF it is not that easy without some outside stimulus.I am currently taking HGH at 3iu’s per day and plan to take it for at least 6months. I would greatly appreciate any comments!!

T2-Pro is not a stimulant and works very well.

One of my clients is 47 yrs at 33% bf formerly with High BP. Wheatgrass everyday should bring you down from borderline with in a week or two. Then you can get on the thermos, but you have to stay on the wheatgrass. We were able to bring down his bp and get him off of BP meds in three weeks, so I don’t see why you can’t take care of a borderline case just the same. HGH is a very good thing for what you are trying to do.

In issue #200 Doug Kalman mentioned a study in which Saw Palmetto blunted the side effects (incl. BP) of an ephedrine/caffine stack. May want to try this also.

Never heard of wheatgrass for BP poblems-I have been borderline hypertensive for a while. Can you recommend a specific brand and dosage?

Well…It must be freshly juiced. You can get pills if you must, but it won’t be near as powerful. You’ve got to find a good juice bar near you and Start making twice daily trips. They cut it and juice it right there on the spot and you shoot it like tequila, they might even give you an orange to suck on. I would say once is enough but for hypertension, the more the merrier.