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Fat to fire program


I was just wondering if anyone has done the Fat to Fire program by Coach Davies, or the fat meltdown program. I have a decent amount of muscle underneath, but am pretty thick due to an excessive amount of quarter pounders as of late.

I want to give the Fat to Fire a try and was wondering if anyone could provide advice, tips, personal results etc.


Right now you have bigger things to worry if your diet consists of quarter pounders.

I think you ought a give T-Dawg 2.0 a read before you spend an apreciable ammount of time choosing which workout is right for you. Diet is THE most important factor in losing the rigt type of weight and doing so in an efficient speedy manner.

I’ve done both version 1’s and found Meltdown tougher, I would be carked out on the floor sucking air like a vacum cleaner at the end.
That said I really enjoyed F2F as well, just different.

Work on diet as well.

Thanks Guys.

I have already looked at the T-Dawg 2.0 and am preparing a food log. I highly understand that my diet needs to be solid in order to see good results.

What do you mean about f2f being different than meltdown? How so?