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Fat Loss stacks

All are welcome to pick holes in my program. i am not taking hotrox due to the price and having not tried it before, and not wanting to risk it this close to a show.
7 weeks to keep leanning up. have been on e/c plus t2 and methoxy for 3 weeks then e/c with t2pro for 2 weeks.

Here is my plan for the next 7 weeks

Week 6 & 7
-Phen free x2 per day (yomh/caff/syn)
-2g Tyrosine pre weights
-Tribex x3 am & pm
-multi + antioxidant stack

Week 8
-No caffeine or stimulants
-200mg (4xcaps) 7-keto per day
-Load creatine (no carb)w/ala & Vanadyl
-multi + antioxidant stack

Week 9
-Frontload 4-AD-EC -> 2x1/2 dose
-Start T2 x3 per day
-Start E/C/Y x2 (pre-w/out)
-Tyrosine pre weights
-Fri & sun no stims (no weights, sunday refeed)
-Maintain creatine
-CLA @ 3g per day
-multi + antioxidant stack

Week 10,11,12
-Methoxy x 3 serves per day
-4-AD-EC -> 2x1/2 dose
-T2 x3 per day
-E/C/Y x2 (pre-w/out)
-Tyrosine pre weights
-Fri & sun no stims
-Maintain creatine
-CLA @ 3g per day
-multi + antioxidant stack

not including protein and flax oil/fish oil

May 3rd comp
yet to plan carb up (pre comp strategies)

It’s been said by a few companies that 7-Keto DHEA has extremely poor oral availability. Maybe you could save yourself some money there.

Whetu that looks like a pretty good plan there man! The only thing that jumped out at me is that you might consider keeping the tyrosine running through week 8 as you’ll be off the caffeine and such and 7-keto probably won’t stimulate you enough to make up for this. You could always ditch the tyrosine in week 9 once your back on the stimulants. Also regarding creatine, I’m not sure really how many bodybuilders compete when loaded up on creatine but if it makes you blow up with extracellular water this is something you may want to remove a little earlier. Best of luck!