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Fantasy Football


Which one of you poor bastards picked up Dante Culpepper? hahaha


I dont know but someone got fucked this week. ALthough if Vick is out, Im SOL so i shouldnt talk


Not as bad as Culpepper, but Peyton cost me a loss.


Sweating the Vick injury as well, but my two-headed running back monster of Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes should be good enough to carry my team for a while.


Me too. If Vick goes down, I'm gonna be hurting worse than he is.


I picked up Dante... but I have Roethlisberger as my back up... im puttin him in this week... good idea?


Big Ben is a fantasy fuck fuck. Solid bottom third. What are you thinking?


I had Vick, but he's not much of a fantasy QB in my opinion.. I picked up Carson Palmer, dropped Vick, and added Brett Farve as my back-up (used to be my starter before I had Palmer).. Palmer scored me almost 50 points this week.. Bengals passing game is on fire with Chad Johnson and Houshmendzadeh out there..


Favre hurt me in W1 but I still won, then he has a great game this week and the guy I play has a monster week and ends up killing me anyways.

Doesn't help having burleson start and santana moss on the bench, and my league has a yardage bonus and touchdowns over 50 yds are 8 not 6.



have fun with the chiefs off week.


He has the highest QB ranking in the NFL right now with a 153.6 the next highest being Bledsoe with a 112.3. Id say hes more than a fantasy "fuck fuck." Furthermore when he puts up at least 20 fantasy points and Culpepper puts up 7 or less who would you rely on?