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EyeDentist, How Do You Train?


Hi alex, thanks for the bump. Things are going fairly well I’d say. My weight is up to 210-11, but of the 20+ pounds I’ve gained, I’d say at least 15…ounces are LBM, so obviously I’m thrilled with that.

Nah, it’s not quite that bad. I’m pretty chunky, but if I squint a little I can still make out most of my abs. And in addition to the waist of my pants being rather tight (= bad thing), my t-shirts are significantly tighter across the chest and shoulders (= good thing). Anyway, we (my trainer and I) are going to start leaning me out for the summer soon, so maybe by the time the August Check-In thread goes up I’ll have a physique worth posting a pic of.

As for my metabolism, I finally figured out what was going on. Coupled with some other symptoms I was experiencing, it led me to seek a medical evaluation for low T. And sure enough, the labs came back well below normal. So based on my labs, signs and symptoms, my doc started me on TRT, and it seems to have made a significant difference in my metabolism (as well as other aspects of my life).


I fuckin’ knew it! Keeping things Mike O’Hearn.

Can we talk a little about this? Any concerns for the long term health ramifications? Thoughts on TRT in general?


Not natty, lol.

Welcome to the TRT life. I am also curious about your takes on TRT, especially with respect to AI’s and HCG.

I think you’ll find huge benefit from it - I know I have.


I looked into the TRT literature prior to ‘taking the plunge,’ and with the important caveat that there’s not much long-term data out there, my impression is that the extant research is fairly reassuring with regard to the health implications of TRT. So I felt the risk/benefit ratio was pretty favorable, and thus far, and so far as I can ascertain, that feeling has been borne out. It has definitely improved my QoL well beyond simply getting my metabolism back on track.

Re AI and hCG: I’m on both, per my doc’s recommendation. I realize both meds have their detractors. However, my doc knows a lot more about the subject than I do, so I deferred to his expertise with regard to my regimen.


This is a progressive doctor. Mine is not on board with AI’s or HCG. I’m on such a small dose that it doesn’t really matter, but frequent blood tests is important to monitor E2.

Hcg is really about preventing atrophy and preserving fertility.


@EyeDentist is 55. He’s not done sowing his wild oats yet. Lmao.


(Warning: TMI right ahead!)

I’m status-post vasectomy, which makes the sowing process particularly challenging.


See…this is when you lie. Instead of being honest, you say something like:

“Damn straight! I’m givin’ it to 'em daily, nightly, and ever so rightly!”


Vascectomies can be reversed.

It never hurts to practice sowing even if you’re shooting blanks. So long as the lady is willing lol.


This plan is interesting. I’ve tried intermittent fasting until a late morning workout (say, 11 to noon), then eating carbs, protein, etc… the rest of the day. On non-training days, I would do IF until noon, and have only fats and protein until 4-8, where I would have carbs. I did this for perhaps 2 years, and the benefit was that it as sooo easy to stay lean because I could eat pretty much until my heart was content (I still ate ~90% healthy, but could eat large servings of meat, rice, pasta, etc…). Also, as you say, I could eat like a normal person all evening, and feel satiated going to bed.

I stopped because I got tired of being hungry all morning. It also would cause mild anxiety and obsessing about exactly “when” I could eat. I want to try your plan now.


Any modifications/improvements since this post? (you may have answered this, as I haven’t read through this entire thread).

Would raw almonds/almond butter be just as good as PB? How about macademia nuts?

I have never counted calories. When I estimate mine, it comes to ~2800/day. I am now about 173 lbs, and 44 years old. I have been pretty lean (although not stage ready or anything crazy) for the last decade or more, and looking more for sustaining and minor leaning up. Do you think it’s fine to still “eat by feel”, and not count calories?

Thanks for any advice!


Nah. For better or worse, my thoughts in this regard haven’t changed.

Ya. Back when I could get a brand I liked, I often used AB instead of PB.

I don’t know much about their nutritional profile, but from what little I know, I don’t see why this would be a problem. (If someone knows otherwise, please chime in.)

As presumably you’re not facing a specific deadline for being lean (ie, you’re not doing a show), it’s certainly worth a try. I think what you’ll find is that the leaner you get, the tougher it will be to make further progress without calorie-counting. Eventually, virtually everyone gets to a point at which, to get leaner still, they have to count calories. However, there’s wide inter-individual variation as to what that level of leanness is–a lucky few can get head-turning, beach-god lean without calorie-counting (I’m looking jealously at you, @flipcollar) , while others struggle to get below 12-15% unless they count.

So in short, you’ll never know how lean you can get eating by feel until you try. And once you reach that point–ie, the point at which your eating-by-feel weight-loss plateaus–you’ll have to decide if that’s ‘lean enough.’ If it isn’t, calorie-counting will be needed to get leaner still.


I don’t know why you think I don’t have to count calories. I’ve counted 2 pop tart calories, 2 regular soda calories, a large milkshake calorie, 12 nugget calories, and 3 chicken strip calories today already! That’s 19 junk calories before 3pm. I’ll be drinking a half-gallon milk calorie and eating a pint of ice cream calorie when I get home today. Also, taco calories. #science #leangains #welcometoTRT


His GF told on him at the show. “He eats whatever he wants, it sucks.”

You should write an ebook with that counting method as the premise: “Eat junk, get seksy!” It’ll sell a million copies. Oh wait… carb backloading already did that.


Really enjoyed reading your story, now I’m intrigued to read part II (training) and part III (diet) tomorrow. You have an awesome physique too btw, if I could sculpt my abs to look a certain way, I would want them to look like yours. Have to work with what I have though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hi @loveneverfails, thanks for reviving this zombie-fied thread, and your kind words!


Got me thinking I should be giving forced reps a go, never really tried them before. I appreciate any and all good ideas. I find natural peanut butter to be so bland though, lol.


Are you the devil? :cry: :wink:


The devil’s got nothi’n on me. :wink:


'Sup, Doc?
How is your joint-friendly training looking these days? Are you still getting MD coached - or doing your own thing?
Hope everything has gotten back on track, @EyeDentist.


EyeDentist, how are thing going with you ?