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Extracting from Vial with Insulin Syringe?

Hej i would like to know if you can extract testosterone from a vial with and insulin syringe.

Will the rubber not get caught inside the syringe? And later be injected with the fluid into the skin?


I’ve been using a 28g insulin syringe and have had no issues except for the fact that it takes a couple minutes to fill. I don’t know why rubber would get caught. If that was even a possibility I would think it more likely with a larger gauge needle. Besides, insulin comes in the same type of vials.

ok thanks, i just thought when you stick it inside, it would take a small amount of the rubber with it.

If you are really concerned, you can always back fill the insulin syringe with a larger gauge needle and syringe.

I draw air into the syringe before I remove the needle cap (equal to or somewhat more than the volume I plan to remove). Stick the needle into the vial. Push the air in (thus getting rid of anything that may have been trapped…which I don’t think actually happens…then withdraw my test.

It helps to warm up the vial first. I tuck the (1ml) vial into my waistband for a few minutes while I do other things. Takes less than 30 seconds to draw and inject my daily doses.

Editing to add - didn’t mention but of course I use alcohol wipes on both my skin and the bottle.

I use 30g Insulin Syringes IM … back fill a weeks worth … easy peasy.

But if that was true then wouldn’t there just be a bigger more dangerous piece of rubber in the larger syringes.

Just change the needle.

This is actually interesting to me… the last vial I got, when I drew into the needle, a small piece of the rubber got drawn into the syringe. I’ve never had that happen before??? I now just pull the stopper back halfway, then push the air into the vial prior to drawing back into it. It seems to work OK…

Can’t change the needle on insulin syringes.

I’m a type 1 diabetic and have been injecting insulin for 25 years. Never had any issues with rubber from vials getting into any thing.

I have never used insulin, so i have no experience with insulin needles.

the whole point i dont want to change the needle its fixed syringe

yeah but you have to draw the same amount of air that you push in.

Not really. The increased air in the vial creates more internal pressure and allows the oil to come out easier. Sterilized vials are in a vacuum since they are heated to sterilize and when the air inside cools, it creates a vacuum.

The instant you poke it with the needle the first time it’s no longer airtight. It will pretty much balance pressure as needed. If you push in a full syringe of air you’ll probably be able to hear the excess escaping (at least from 1ml vials. Might not notice so easily on 10ml)