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Ever Run Anadrol and Dianabol at Same Time

on a test e cycle how would you run the orals ?

have plenty of anadrol 50 and dianabol but im not sure if it would be better to run them together at a daily dose like
50mg drol + 40mg dbol for 6 weeks

or run 100mg anadrol for 3 weeks then 70mg dianabol for 3 weeks ?

im in 2 minds about what would give the best results and least sides


I would never advise one to use more than 50mg dbol.

I would run one or the other personally - i know ‘balisong’ ran the two together (alone mind you) and liked it, but i would not recommend it - the results are so similar to each other and they are for the most part interchangeable - other than drol likely having progestogenic activity.

I found 100mg drol much preferred over 50mg, and i dont enjoy over 40mg dbol full stop.
Alongside test, you are likely to have MASSIVE estrogen issues with dbol AND drol.

As for the liver risk - that depends on the person, as a general rule of thumb; you would want to keep the ranges of 100mg Drol OR 50mg Dbol MAX doses, or any combination of the two - for example, 50mg drol and 25mg dbol. 50mg drol and 30-35mg dbol would not be much more strain on the liver than either one dosed at its respective max… but it is recommended to know where your liver health is at before running higher doses of either drug IMO.

I would say however, that with dbol’s primary aromatisation into the potent estradiol, drol’s progestogenic activity making estrogen more effective AND test aromatising… you will need to worry about the estrogenic sides over the liver toxicity.

I would say get a LFT beforehand, and know how you react to dbol+test/drol+test seperately before deciding to run the two with test.



Agreed. I wouldn’t suggest running them together. I would think the sides would out-weigh the results. Plus with a good diet/exercise regime you can add on some amazing weight using test e + drol.

And JJ is correct in saying Test + Drol/Dbol can very likely give you E problems. Drol is very potent alone and add it to test and its even worse.

Never go over 100mg of Drol. Ever. Its a waste of gear. Anadrol is not like most other compounds where if you take more you’ll get bigger. The benefits very rapidly plateau after 100mg but sides get worse.

So all in all, if you are considering keeping sides low I would suggest not using both of them. Save one for a future cycle. No sense in adding it to a cycle just because you have it.

Best bang for your buck…

500mg Test E for 10-12wks and delay the dbol/drol until your test has fully kicked in and you’ll love the results.


Loved the drol/dbol combo (actually had some winny in there for a spell too!).

However, at that point I had never tried an injectible cycle.

Strength gains were pretty great, but I did get a loss of appetite and a lethargic feeling after a while.

Lost some weight afterwards, but kept almost all of the gained strength!

I ventured as high as 150mg drol with 40 mg dbol at the most, but only for a week, beacuse of rising bp and tingly nips. Probably not too healthy in the long run!

From now on all my cycles will include test… what can I say, you guys were right about that one!