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Ever Feel Like Everything Won't Go Well?


So I finally find a great gf....and I go broke. I?m out of money. The stock market plunged and took everything I had with it. My job applications aren?t getting answered. I have an interview at a temp agency on Monday, and a temp job that pays 11/hr that starts December 2. That?s way too late. I?m out of money now and the rent is due in 6 days. I told Wendy I had heard back from some permanent jobs, but I just didn?t have the heart to tell her that I heard back from none of the 50+ places I?ve applied to, she?s just too sweet.

I have no one to ask for money, and I think I?d rather die than do that. I don?t even have enough money to buy a gun to shoot myself like a man is supposed to, or if I had a gun I couldn?t afford bullets. I?m not depressed, I?m just flat broke.

I don?t blame anyone else for these problems. My investments went bad, my career wouldn?t get off the ground, and my job applications don?t get answered anymore. If I?m 27 and this shit is happening, let?s be honest, there?s no bright future for me. I have that application into BC?s PhD program, but I have no money to actually make it to next September even if I get in. I have nothing of value to sell (car isn't worth anything), and honestly, even if I did scrape together enough, what then? I?d have 0 dollars saved and even an oil change would send me broke. I have too much pride to live out of my car or in a homeless shelter, I'd rather die.


I hear sleeping pills work.(too soon?)

Things always get worse before they get better. Just keep moving forward.


Shut up! T-Men don't guit! Time to get your head out of your ass.

Ever hear about the benifits on positive thought. Yah, times are hard for you right now. Everyone goes through them. Time to use your head and think your way out!

Think Positive 24/7/365!


Virtually everybody is having a difficult time finding a job right now, and those with jobs are praying they don't get laid off before shit can turn around.

Almost everybody who invested in the market is suffering. It will come back. So will the job market. Dig ditches, apply for a courier position... there are quick to start, quick to pay jobs out there.

Hiding info from your girlfriend is stupid. If you really want to be with her, tell the truth. Everyone knows times are tough. Talk to your landlord. Sometimes they suspend rent a month or two.

And who needs a gun when you can jump off a bridge?

Wait... is it illegal to say stuff like that online now?


Even when thoughts of suicide are conveyed the guys over here at T-Nation'll put a smile on your face ...


Take a big bite of some humble pie and contemplate the idea that a true test of character is not how well you do when life is easy, but how well you do when life gets hard.


I do my best to help.


Jumping off buildings is free.


I'm broke as fuck too, but even I can't understand what it must be like to be so negative about life.


Around here you can work as a day laborer for well over minimum wage if you're willing to show up at 5:00 a.m. and wait for jobs. They even have boots you can use if you don't have any.

My husband and his brother did it for a couple of weeks after his company closed.

You can also sell plasma.


But there is money to waste on a monthly internet bill and time posting to a bunch of strangers..? Get over yourself and buckle down. What else can you live without? Move in with someone, go to a shelter, live out of your car. Seems like you need to get priorities straight. All your investments went down to absolute zero? Someone could have benefited from a Dave Ramsey book imo.


Go try to get unemployment or ebt card. That will help out a a little bet. You should also explain your situation to your landlord. They may be willing to let you slide a month or two like the guy above said. Temp job agency maybe?


I no longer care AQ.

You're an intelligent enough person.

Harden the fuck up or drop dead.



Sleeping pills are for pussies.

try to parlay this guilt stuff into getting some head from Wendy..

Good luck


life's a bitch sometimes, that's for sure.

I've been late with the rent many times myself, I just go tell the people that take my money that it's going to be late and they'll get it as soon as I get paid again.
they charge you late fees out the ass, but what can you do?

I've lived outta my car for a bit too.
I've done shitty minimum wage jobs that made me want to commit random acts of violence by the end of the day.

hell, I used to steal tuna from the grocery store I was so broke, and it wasn't like I had a drug habit or anything, life is just a bitch sometimes.

so, do what must be done, but never say die.

good luck man.


What he said, only with an exclamation mark and 'ponce' on the end.


You're broke and its your own damn fault!



You are going to have a lot of company pretty soon - even some of those who have had harsh things to say.

Do what you can, leave behind what you must.

And do tell your girlfriend. You'll at least see what she's made of.


Try to eat more protein.


You don't need a gun, a sharp knife is perfectly suitable...