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Ever Feel Like a Threadkiller? 55


Good morning.


Ink, I was first and you know it. Submit.


No way, lower back is WAAAY to sore for that shit...


Fine, as long as you don't steal my kill.


Found a pic of you :wink:


I won't steal your kill. And that's a great pic. Good weekend?


In on first page.





I thought you didn't like posting pics of your face on here?



You told me that you could handle it.

Ok, next time, I'M little Red Riding Hood and you're the Big Bad Wolf.


Thank you. I thought you'd like it. And yeah, pretty good. Trained my ass off Saturday with DL's, and I can't barely move today. Mid-lower back, quads, ass, traps, rear delts all so fucking sore that I don't know how I'm supposed to squat tonight. But I will. Like a boss.



Thanks man, sorry, I thought I could handle it.


Yeah, I'm sore in the same spot from my deads yesterday. Somehow I'm suddenly a conventional puller. I've not felt strong pulling sumo since like, March?


Abou time you start doing it right.....



I'm not buying this PMPM pulling Conventional for anything but to warm up the hammy is not computing.
She may have the legs for it but to bend over with all those curls in her face. naaaaaaaaaaa
Calling BS on this.





Devestatingly accurate