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Alright, so a buddy of mine has a bunch of oral steroids that I might start cycling. He told me the base molecule is etiocholan, which apparently makes it very similar to superdrol, but the chemical nomenclature is also very similar to phera-plex.

Does anyone here know anything about etiocholan? Is this actually superdrol or is it just really close to it? How much like phera-plex is it? I've heard that the sides from superdrol can be pretty fucking harsh. I've never used any steroids before and to be honest, the only reason I'm considering this shit is because it's just fallen into my lap. Is this a stupid steroid to essentially experiment with? Any info at all would be greatly appreciated.


"Etiocholan" is a term I introduced to the supplement industry to distinguish A7-E, which has an androstan structure, from the anabolic/androgenic prohormones, since it has no androgenic activity and is instead a fat-loss agent. (The 7-keto group abolishes androgenic activity. Its behavior is instead in the same class as that of 7-keto-DHEA.)

It's a legit chemical term, but means nothing different than "androstan."

Unfortunately, makers of various prohormones decided to copy my practice and applied it to their androgenic compounds.


And with both "androstan" and "etiocholan" simply specifying the steroid skeleton, not the substituents (things attached to the skeleton) that make compounds different from each other.


Don't they both simply specify it is a DHT derivative?