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Entourage's New Season


Tonight's season premiere was hilarious. Emmanuelle Chriqui is so fucking hot.


Haha, I was going to say the same.

I like that Turtle is still gettin' some, too.


Turtle's actually dating Jamie Lynn Sigler in real life. How does that happen? lol


Entourage just plain makes me feel happy. What a great show.


Ari = pure win.


Great fucking premier, as much as I loved the show, and season 4 was a step in the right direction, but I wanted them to address that its time to start growing the fuck up.

And Jesus Christ Emmanuelle Chriqui is insanely beautiful, looked better then ever in this episode.


holy crap thankyou. in my excitement at getting ufc 100 i didnt notice this. i would have sen it eventually, but you have just made my day awesome


Great episode, this season looks like it should be good. This is one of the only shows I watch and have been watching it from the start. And yes how the fuck did Turtle get Jamie Lynn? Victory!


Damn, no shit.

Good for him, really.


i Agree, Emmanuelle Chriqui is scorching hot! She has an incredible rack, do you think she's enhanced? Not that I look down at that sort of thing. Damns she is beautiful..

Do you know who else does something for me, Ari's wife! Her body put any younger girls body to shame! She showed a little booty in last nights episode and last season she was jumping around on the bed in a bra and panties. I think she has a six pack! Soo sexy!

_ Adam


Great start to the new season,cannot fuckin wait for next week.Ari is my hero.I'm glad that Lloyd's got a subplot to himself now too,he's a great actor.


Look at this picture. I don't think so because they're slightly pointy. Usually implants don't look like that.


I agree. Those are all her. And what makes it even more remarkable is that she's pretty thin (NOT the bad kind.) :wink:


I don't know, ya see some pictures her twins look pretty good and others they are bam! poke your eyes out big! I wish i could find the pics but I can't access them from work.

She is a stunner! If I didn't already have a hot as hell mixed Mexican\Japenese\German goddess, i would go over to Italy and bring me home a hot italian. I must be glutton for punishment because hot blooded women are such high maintenance and blow up over anything, very passionate though/rock your world!

  • Adam


the women on that show are all so powerhouse gorgeous. Ari's wife is the finest cougar in existence. Im real happy this season has finally started it gives sunday nights purpose on top of true blood and hung its a solid two hours of hbo tv.


I noticed Ari's wife (Perrey i think her name is) on Old School. She was wearing some super tight jeans in the scene where Will Ferell was working on his hot rod. Holy shit she has an ass that could make any man cry!

  • Adam


Great start to the season.. Its pretty obvious that Sloan and E are gonna get back together eventually.. I wonder what is gonna happen to Vince now that he is alone.

I dont know if I was seeing things but I think Turtle lost some weight..


Ari's wife (Perry is her name in the show?) turns around in bed and she's wearing a gown that goes down to her ass cheeks. You can see her panties and her ass looks delicious.


Actually, I thought I had noticed that last season. (Turtle.)

Looks like Drama is going to get some play this season.

Watch, they have Vince getting depressed and going into a downward spiral of lonerism. (Is that a word? Lol.)


They set it up for Vince to Heath Ledger on us.