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Elimination Diet Help

So I’m doing an elimination diet for my migraines and I just came off the vdiet. While on the vdiet, I was supposed to intake 1380 calories, but since I couldn’t handle the last shake I dropped it, thus dropping my calories down. Doing this, I’ve lost 10lbs, but going into the elimination diet for my migraines added two pounds, putting me at a constant 160 for the past two weeks.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been following the 100gram carb rule and been consuming about 1000 calories (a rough estimate, I don’t have a scale but I’ve been using measuring cups).

Am I too low right now? What do I do?

In short, Ive never cut and I won’t pick a range for her ^ outside of food selections! So any advice would be great, because I’d hate to have her undereating and ruining any fat loss progress!