Anyone else have EDT Pain in the Asses in your gym? I specificly select my machines based on the UNpopularity of equipment. There are some machines I’ve never seen ANYONE use in the gym. I thought they’d be PERFECT for EDT. Well, guess again. After 8 minutes of rapid fire back-and-forth between the two peices of equipment, obviously following a strict protocol. Someone always seems to decide one of MY machines is the missing ingredient in their haphazzard workout. When I dash off for a moment, they start un-loading the plates or trying to figure out how to change the seat height (typically unsucessful by the time I get back). I’ve noticed some of these people even watching my pattern before they break in to my set. I don’t know if they’re offended by someone using 2 peices of equipment and want to level the playing field and create a gym utopia where no one can use more than 1 peice of equipment at a time, or if they’re so impressed with my results they figure I’ve found THE ONE machine that creates the perfect phisique, or if they’re so stupid they think that every time I walk away from the machine, this time I MUST be on my last set (buddy, I gotta keep this up for 15 minutes!). The problem is that with EDT, I don’t have time to casually explain anything to these people. I try to let them know they can work in a 45 second set every 45 seconds (simple, fair instructions that also demonstrate the rigidity of my program) but they never get it. I’ve had to resort to quickly loading a similar ajacent machine to hit the body part as closly as possible while they screw around on my equipment. I’ve even considered printing a sign that explains how they can effectively work in if they’ve GOT to use that particular, somewhat obscure machine at that exact moment in the eternal continum. My gym is NOT crowded and there’s plenty of available equipment there all the time.

i try to make sure that one of my excercises includes dumbells or atleast the use of the same bench or area so i don’t have to move around a lot. Definitelt you don’t want to do EDT when the gym is at its height of service. laters pk

I think your first theory was right about them being offended. I had the same problem doing my BodyOpus depletion workout one day. I was supersetting machine BPs to lat pulldowns. Some “Fatlock” (complete with 1970s headband)decided that even though there are like 4 or 5 unnoccupied lat pulldown machines in the gym, he would use mine-and give me a defiant look as I arrived. Of course I just jumped immediately on another, and was starting the BPs again while he was still fucking around with the seat height.
What’s worse is waiting 30 minutes for high school alpha males to finish endless sets of cable crossovers so I can use the chinup bar for 5X5.

My best advice for this kind of situation is to always use DB’s for one of the exercises. Keep the DB’s right next to whatever the other exercise station is and you should be OK. Hope this helps…

Bring two towels and claim the machines with them. If you want, you can moisten them first. NO ONE will touch a sweaty towel.

El_Machinae’s idea of the sweaty towels gave me another thought- fake dog crap or vomit. Strategically place when nobody is looking. Or better yet, vomit or crap next to the machine, and you are guranteed that nobody will jump in. Just another random thought.- The Starkdog

LOL… great post. Your t-brethren feel your pain, bro. We’ve all been there.

raise a leg and "mark"your machine bro!