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Ecto, endo, meso, O, T, A

I’m having a hell of a time trying to figure out my bodytype. With the A, T, O thing, it’s pretty easy to see I’m an O. I’ve got the curves, but when it comes to ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph, I haven’t a clue! I grew up tall and skinny with no bodyfat, no muscle (ecto?), then I got really fat around age 22 (endo?) Now I have low bodyfat and good muscle (meso?) Can you change types during your life or is it based on bone structure? Or does the ecto, endo, meso thing correspond to the A, T, O thing?

People are usually combinations of the types so this is no surprise…But if you want to find your true type the best place to look is in your early childhood years.

Shouldn’t the O type be more of an 8 type. And O just looks like a big blob o’ mush while an 8 has “all the curves” just like you said.

“8” makes more sense to me… I don’t look like an “o” (not anymore ) :slight_smile:

If i use my early years, I’d be an ectomorph I guess.