Eating too many Horse Hoofs - Need Alternative

After reading all the posts about Protien Bars recently, and how bad they are, I need suggestions for alternatives! I supplement with 2 protein bars a day, along with one MRP shake. What can I eat to replace the bars?? Obviously, I can stuff down some meat or a shake, but I don’t have any preparation time and the bars are soooo convenient. Any ideas?? I used to chomp down beek jerky, but that stuff dehydrates me so bad. I also eat nuts all day long, so those are out of the question too. Stick to the bars?

I use hard boiled eggs,i use to have 6 a day but now i just have 3. They make an excelent protein and fat snack.

Mix cottage cheese with protein powder and a little artificial sweetner and add dry oatmeal. This can be mixed very quickly (literally a few minutes). Mix in the cottage cheese container and carry for later. If don’t have a cooler to keep in, just put in frezzer for 30-40 minutes and it will stay cold for hours. Or buy tuna in the new foil packets and eat with a piece of fruit. There’s any number of ideas that have been offered in previous threads (search cottage cheese, etc) that require very little prep time and offer big nutrition.

There are some good bars out there without with very minimal, insignificant amounts of “horse hoofs” if any.