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Drop Sets Under Rated


I don'd see many people doing drop sets and they don't get discussed much.

I like them a lot. The first time I was really impressed with doing drops was squating. I had 365 total with dimes and nichels outside the collars. I did 5 reps, said "pull it", the dimes and nichels came off by the spotters and I managed 6 more with 335.

Afterward I realized that 11 was my best ever with 335 by its self and I just did the first half with 365. I think that has to be more stimmulating than a normal set.

What do you guys think? Anyone else use them? Does anyone have any drawbacks I'm not thinking of? Besides of course not always having two good spotters available.


Everything is worth trying, just don't stick to the same thing for too long.


I do them all the time, I think they're great.

I mainly leave them for the end though, because after doing them I'm fairly smashed. Like today I was doing back and I finished with 1 drop set of bicep curls, 20kg/15kg/10kg. After that, there's no way I could do anything back/arm related after. Great feeling driving back, feeling my biceps tingle with the exertion.


its the only way i train.
i go against all the science, all the books and sports doctors.


Always a good idea...




i think drop sets are great, have u ever tried then with hammer strenth equip. its easy to unload and go if u dont have a spotter to do it for u, and a good way to get a great burn going, great post.


Of course. What would those guys know about anything???


oh damn i forgot, they know everything and all their principles are flawless and should not be argued with and can be applied to everyone.


What exactly are you objecting to? I presume you are on about the over complication of training, rather than every book ever written on the subject?


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I love doing drop sets on arm day with the Hammer strength preacher curl.

I will concur that they are really only good at the end. After I do them I am done, Can barely move my arms.


Drop sets are awesome for breaking plateaus and mixing it up. My chest was destroyed last time I did them!


since when is science 'against' drop sets'? they can be appropriately used in a training program for size.

i never do them, however.


Going to failure, Rest/Pause and Drop Sets are the only things I've found to work for me. Naturally, a person wants to avoid doing EVERYTHING at the SAME TIME with drop sets. However, if you have a lacking area, hitting it hard with drops sets can be great.


Charles Poliquin writes about them as being really effective for building strength. I have limited experience with this technique just because I don't have some good spotters.



I would of thought they were mainly a hypertrophy and endurance tool.


you are working with your momentary maximum, reduce the weight 5 or 10% and complete another rep, repeat for 7 reps. I have to re read the part in his book to sure of all the details.


Feel the burn!!


I found they work really well on an exercise where your normal weight just isn't high enough to generate very much intensity. If you're particularly weak at something, do these for a bit and what you can handle will definitely go up.