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DOOM Movie


Why do I expect a big dissapointment?


It's weird that the adds (the ones I've seen) don't emphasize The Rock being in it. You see him, but the don't mention him.


I'm usually pretty satisfied with these kinds of movies...then again most of them came out when i was 18 and under.

If nothing else there will be a huge hit of nastalgia with the movie. I'm sure they will include the sound effects,then guns (BFG mutha!! Now being called the "Bio Force Gun"...suuuureee it is) and then some. I dont expect to be too dissapointed...heck I might even enjoy it.


Saw it. It was good if you like that sort of thing. Which I do.



did they spend a lot of time looking for the key card?


Can you hold your popcorn AND your drink at the same time?


I wasn't expecting much when I saw this flick and hoo boy did it exceed my expectations.

There was a twist about 3/4 through which made it somewhat interesting but the rest of the movie fell flat for me.


I heard it was good if you like Doom games (which I do, weeee!!).

The reason The Rock isn't focused on is because he's sarge, who's not the main character. Karl Urban plays the lone marine (main character in doom games) I think, so I've read. Yeah, anyways.

Also read in a review that towards the end it goes into an FPS viewpoint or something, which has to be kinda neat for a movie. Definintely gotta see this. Probably will wait for it to come to blockbuster or something....I hate movie lines and theaters and stuff.


For what its worth, ArsTechnia (a huge nerd site) gave it 4/10 stars... I'll still go see it though.


I saw DOOM today. I was not excited to go, but I like The Rock so I wanted to support it. I liked it a lot. It was damn close to the game. They did not spend any time looking for the key's. It could have been a little faster paced at the beginning, but they had to set it up.


How can you say it was close to the game? There was no gate to hell in the movie. That was the entire premise of the original games. I was pretty disappointed in the lack of demons, fireballs, and whatnot. However, the movie was better than I expected it to be. It's a decent action flick.


no shit. WHen i played the game many moons ago i couldn't find the fucking things. I always typed in the god code and proceeded to go ape-shit


I think it would've been at least a decent nod to the game to just have one five minute sequence where they can't find the (&#$ key. Also the FPS sequence is less like Doom and more like some sort of bizarre funhouse. I was half expecting to see mirrors that distorted his shape.

The changes to the plot of the original Doom were unecessary and kind of lame. A gateway into hell is much more interesting and foreboding than another "science gone wrong" experiment.

Overall it's a pretty shitty movie but it's entertaining in it's own way. I just wish it was done more professionally and with a higher budget. The whole time I was thinking it was just a poor man's "Event Horizon."


I saw it last night. What a pile of donkey shit. The only things it has in common with the game is the name and the gun. Keep in mind, I remember waiting in line to buy Doom 2 when it came out. Needless to say I would have probably been disappointed with anything. However, I have to say, the soundtrack did rock!


I agree. There were so many tweaks I figured they slapped on the "Doom" title just so people would go see it.

You know it's bad when the plot of the video game is better than the movie it's based on.


I don't eat popcorn.


Can someone list the monsters they had in the movie? I take it there was no Cyberdemon.

How cool would it be if they made a sequel with a Spider Boss?


I would wait for DVD...and then only if they are out of the good shit.