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Does Test Suspension Stimulatea Appetite?

I’ve almost done two weeks of my first ever cycle. On test suspension 50mg split in two dose plus 50mg anavar. Really starting to feel it now. I’m finding my appetite is biggup time stimulated like propa mad.

Is this normal? Is this the test that’s doin it? I read it that Eq stimulates appetite, does sus also?

I don’t want to put on too much weight - maybe my next two weeks off will sort that out anyway - just want to train harder etc.

My diets carefully managed and planned, but last night for example i had three chicken breasts and a bowl of rice for me tea (that’s northern for dinner) and i was well hungry. I cuda eaten a pizza after - well that’s an exageration, but i was still hungry. That’s not normal for me, cos normally im struggling to shove food down through the day.

And before bed i had my four whole eggs and half a litre of milk + banana, and i still woke up famished.

And just now, i had my mid afternoon snack with 300g cottage cheese and almonds and some bread and that, and i just wanna go over to that vending machine in the corner and get some salt and vinegar crisps. And fuck it i might. Lifes too short to stress about that, and i got training in the evening anyways, i’ll work it off.

Is this what it is like? Proper appetite on test sus?


Worse thing is i dilligently make my food for the work-a-day day, packing my oats and milk and wholewheat pasta and tuna and tubs of cottage cheese and what have you and i got almonds i had here (and almonds are fucking expensive) and i finish them, and all we have in this office is a vending machine with crisps and chocolates and i keep going over there slotting in 50p at a time and i can’t help it and i’m STILL hungry, and i have to go straight to Muay Thai now, well in half an hour. But then its the same all night when i get home, i just wanna keep eating.

And before, exact same diet, i could barely stomach it.

Maybe your balls just finally dropped?

I don’t know what it is, I do know this, you are obnoxious, and next to no one on here likes you. Testosterone is not known for being an appetite stimulant, perhaps through your increased work capacity and ability to recover quicker your body/metabolism is more demanding of calories, and you are just better suited for eating/stomaching all the food your eating.

PS. Find a new forum


and thank you, it probably is my work capacity/ability to recover. Cos i know i’ve beent training 3-4 times harder than i ever have.


Nah, i’m not buying this.

I just started my second two-week test sus cycle (first shot this morning after training) - and AGAIN, my appetitie is instantly up like a mofo.

This cannot be put down to my “training intensity” as the last 3 week off cycle i was training just as hard, and my appetite noticeably nose dived. And now i’m gagging for a packet of crisps or SOMETHING.

I don’t think this is that unusual, considering boldenone, which is a form of “fucked-about-with” (lol) test is suppsoed to increase appetite. I’m sure there’s similar mechanisms at work in my body here.

It’s good though, cos i’m enjoying getting bigger.


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You asked a question and answered it yourself. Twice.

But that’s what internet forums are for, I guess…

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Admittedly it was harsh, I get a little harsher on him in 1 or 2 other threads. But like you said, look at his bullshit!

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Wait. So you are doing a 2 week sust cycle, with 3 weeks off in between?

Damnit man, have you learnt nothing?


hey, yeah, i know that was unexpected. You know how personal thing get in the way?

I have a girlfriend who lives way out in west london. However, i also have an ex-girlfriend who lives out in canada. Some shit went down with her and she came over to my hosue and spent the last two weeks with me - and we ended up fucking and resumed our relationship. Which was messy cos i had to lie to my other girlfriend and tell her that i was on a business trip for a week LOL

Up shot is, i had no privacy to shoot test in myself two times a day, and so, due to unforseen circumstances, two weeks off became three weeks :frowning:

Howver, this isn’t THAT big a deal is it? Considering the original Bill Roberts protocol was 4 weeks off?

^ Actually, i’m gonna be in a similar quandry over xmas. Will be at my mothers house for 4 days and will have to figure out how/when i’m gonna be able to shoot the test, in between going to the gym. This was another unforseen lack of seeingness of the far distance situations.

I’ll have to sneak off into the bathroom… and hide the needles… Eek! Worse thing is, that i didn’t realise the difficulty in shooting test sus in a slin pin, and now i have to figure out how i’m gonna be able to heat the test in boiled water, and carry all the alcohol swabs etc… into the bathroom - two times a day, to maintain this two-week period.

Ha, i should have gone test prop, would have been more practical - these are all learning experiences however, and i am glad i am learning them this way.


i love test. I’m in such a chipper mood today!

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decnaoate? Sorry, maybe my use of lingo is shtoopid - i’m taking testosterone suspension, not sustanon/sus. Whoops. So VERY short acting.

It’s 50mg/day testosteron suspension, 50mg/day Anavar - 2 week on, 2 week off.

And yeah, i know, my personal life is a cluster-fuck. oh well. :slight_smile:

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