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Does T3 Increase Cortisol? TRT Not Working. Feeling Horrendous

I have high Cortisol all the time , as a result I have a very poor t4 to t3 conversion and high rt3 . My SHBG as a result is also low . I have tried t3 with no success . Do you know what time of the day I can take t3 to minimize the Cortisol increase ? And generally what to do about this damn Cortisol ? TRT is not helping either . Cold feet in the morning , depressed mood , no libido , can’t put on muscle on TRT and cant lose the spare tire . I m in a horrible situation , please help .
Current TRT : 100 mg per week in two 50 mg injections Mondays and Thursdays


Total T : 889 ng/dl 216-916
Free T : 28 9 - 26 H
E2 : 26 8 -35
SHBG : 16 12-55
Free T3 :3.2 2.0- 4.2
Rt3 : 26.9 8.0 - 24.5 H
Cortisol : 11.8 ng/ml 3.7-9.5 H

I too suffer from high rt3 and cortisol. Magnesium, fish oil, glycine, pregnenalone(you may not need this, but mine is low in blood work) and licorice powder really help reduce both as well as meditating twice per day.

I take magnesium, fish oil and licorice throughout the day, glycine after workouts.

The pregnenalone I take in the morning.

I take everything minus the pregnenalone and licorice before bed with the magnesium as zma.

For daytime magnesium I take magnesium L threonate to avoid potential gi issues.

This may be applicable to your situation as wel:


Great read. Also gives you tests to help investigate cause.


None of these replies answer my question , not even close .

You need a Dr (preferably an endocrinologist)to figure out why your cortisol is high. Then go from there. This is critical. The hormone system is super complex.

You can’t take a supplement to fix this or put a band aide on. You need the cause. Read the entire content of my link.

People go on trt with underlying issues and diseases and end up miserable. An unending journey to dial in a protocol…

Too much t3 certainly has symptoms. You don’t know what’s affecting what…it’s complicated!

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Hostile answered your exact question. “what do I do about this cortisol” Then he went on to explain what he does…

What are you looking for exactly? To be fixed over an online forum? Come on.

I regret spending my time responding to you now. My post had tips on supplements that reduce cortisol and rt3 in myself which had similar blood work as you. Good luck.


Magnesium slashes your SHBG , licorice is an anti androgen which messed me up . All of those are voodoo mon working crap . My question simply was how the hell can I mitigate Cortisol while on T3 . Take it at night , day ??? What ?

LOL Ok boss.

How long have you been on TRT.

Your Free test is above range.

4 months

It s been rollercoaster hell ride ,

When I first started TRT, I was also having cortisol issues.

I would wake up at 3-4 AM everyday and could NOT go back to sleep. My kidneys “felt” like they were being strained. I could feel the surges. It sucked.

You need to back off your Test dose for a short time. Your over the top range for Free test, and your having cortisol issues. The “excitement” your getting from the test isn’t helping right now.

I struggle to sweat , I have cold feet all the time . I cant put on muscle and lifting is actually painful . Brain fog , depression… Only first two weeks after starting TRT I felt good then went downhill

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You need to first realize that your t3 is high but you could try to move up jsut a bit more.

Also dhea competes with cortisol from
My most recent read. If I remember correctly. Have you tried dhea?

For thyroid are you taking compounded or what? Is this dose every 8 hours or
Once daily?

Bob my email is in my profile.
Add me to Facebook and I’ll add you to the HOT group.

There are researchers and professionals who can answer questions. We have trt docs, holistic docs, Enzo’s and Uros there. Including guys like me.

They might be able to give you direction we cannot.

Anyone here can add me to face bag and you are welcome to the group.

My cortisol and dhea both were high . I just want to suppress these damn adrenals .

Sorry I wish I could help . Join that group and we can help you find a good doc.

Or find a doc trained by dr Rouzier by going to world link medical website and looking in the database. The doctors he trained are worth the time and money. He is a HRT specialsit and you will not have to deal with sick cars nonsense.

What’s your Bf % and height / weight ?

26 percent , 6 feet , 188 lbs