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Does "Bigger" Cadence Stand the Test of Time?

Dr Darden,

Just finished reading “Bigger muscles in 42 days” (from 1992). A good read, as well as an interesting project proving successful!

The emphasis on pos reps (Superslow) caught my interest. I was wondering how the 10 sec pos and 5 sec neg cadence (for 8 reps) has stood the test of time? Is any of your newer regimen preferred or is this a valuable alternative?

I believe 10 sec positive and 5 sec negative repetitions are certainly an alternative to normal training. You are accentuating the positive.

But in the last 10 years, many research studies have concluded that the negative phase of an exercise, compared to the positive phase, is more important in building muscular size and strength. Thus, I prefer more of an emphasis on the negative.

Dr. Darden,

Would you then modify your approach using the best of the best routine? I know in that routine you say to use a 10 second concentric and a 5 second eccentric. What in turn would you use for cadence with the best of the best routine?

Thank you.

The Best of the Best Routine has proven to be effective for many, many trainees. My gut feeling is to go ahead and do the routine as it is presented in the book. It will open your eyes to the importance of precision form.

That is what I will do, thanks again!