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Do You Write Your Congressmen?

A yes or no will do.

Answer no if you’ve only written in regards to the $850 billion bailout.


Yes. And once I actually got a letter back from him. I don’t know if it really was written by him though, but it was really nice actually getting something back for once.

fax, email, and call for every vote that comes up. you can get alerts through yahoo.

Yes. One of the senators writes back (Sununu), though when I met him in person he freely admitted it was probably one of his staffers that drafted the letter.

One of the nice things about living in a state with a small population is the ease of access to our reps. Twice this past year I’ve bumped into Sununu. Once at a church BBQ and one at a benefit. No handlers, no staffers, no security. Each time I had unstructured an informal conversation with him. The first time we talked about the 2nd Amendment and the second time the bailout. It may be all for nought, he’s up for re-election and behind in the polls to former democratic governor Jeanne Shaheen. Boo.

Yes. I call them.

If you donate enough money or organize for their campaign they call you back.

I’ve talked to congressman about broad issues, 2nd. Ammendment rights come to mind, but not about specific votes.


Yes. Got a response letter once! Thought it was genuine. Then a few days later, got the exact same letter again. argh.