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Do You Need a Lower Dose of TRT When You Have Lower SHBG?

For example, If you have like 50nmol SHBG, that would suggest you need a rather high dose of testosterone to get alot of free testosterone right? In the same way, having low/moderate SHBG, like 20-25, does that mean u need lower total testosterone cause u actually “make use” (get free test) of more testosterone due to your lower SHBG?



These effects change FT and your FT lab numbers are what you would then be focused on. Elevated E2 increases SHBG, higher FT lowers SHBG. So your concerns also needs to discuss E2 levels and management.

Any new labs since Jan 17th. If you have new labs, please post in your original thread and maintain that thread. You cab create a new thread with a brief introduction and a link to your main thread.

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