Do You Have Any Tips for Hot-Rox Usage?

This applies to using Hot-Rox. If you have a link, now would be great.
If not,

I am in process of losing the final twenty pounds of 190 total. And I am stalled.
Areas I can improve include cardio, and getting my workouts in regular, which is usually every other day, but I have an injured rotator cuff.
My diet is solid.
What I am lacking is the necessary movement to burn calories, or to accomplish any other body goal, and I know damn well it is what is needed as soon, exactly the moment my shoulder is ok again. I’m currently estimating another 2-4 weeks of nothing to get that. Then when I head back in, I’ll probably do yoga for a week or two then ease in with light weights.

But my question here is, given the lack of other starters for metabolism just mentioned, how would you recommend using the Hot-Rox bottle? No, not medical advice, I hold no one liable for damages if I were to have issues related to using Hot-Rox. There, in writing, there.

The labeled dosage, as I recall, is adequate to make me a tiny bit jittery, and one more cap makes me downright uptight. I don’t care about all that, but I do care about endangering anything in my body, like my heart. I have no risk factors for cardio health.

In the past, I took I think 3 of those caps, twice daily, one first thing, one midday.

You guys have any tweaks at different dosages, lower, higher, same?

Here is something I thought of trying…start out taking one cap morning and evening for a week, then 2 in the morning, then 3 in the morning, then 3 in the morning, 2 in the evening, and do this for no more than 45 days, I think the numbers work.

Thanks for any input ya all, I appreciate it.

I like your idea of working up to a higher dose. I would start with one in the morning and then one later, either afternoon or evening depending on your caffeine tolerance. I’d then move on to the two in the morning and one later. If you find you want to increase the second dose of the day to two capsules after that, go for it. But I wouldn’t go above four total capsules per day.

Yeh I agree no more than four in a day.
I received the order yesterday afternoon and took two immediately and now regret it at almost 3 am no interest in sleep haha
I’ll have ONE in the morning then two afternoon to start and will decide on that fourth pull later

Thx for the reply

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