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Do a Cycle or Get Hair Plugs


Hey Guys
I would like to get some input on a Test.Cyp cycle. I will try to present as much information as I can in order to get some good input or criticism.
I am a 48yo male,6â??3â??, 290lbs, 16-20% body fat, 38â??waist 40â??hips, 27â?? thighs, 20â?? calves, 20â?? neck, 57â?? chest, 18â?? arms

I have been on TRT for 4 years. Test Cyp 200mg/ml, 100mg twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday.. Arimadex 0.25mg qod. Last T-level was 3months ago at 790mg/dl. has been at this approx. level for 3 years. Last E2 level was 1 yr ago at 23. Slight problem with polycythemia controlled with blood donation every 6 weeks. All blood work has been normal. Triglycerides, LDL/HDL etcâ?¦ I have been seeing the same GP for 20 years. He always comments on my size and good health and that I donâ??t look like I should weigh more than 250.

Diet, I donâ??t count calories, grams or oz. My wife is a great cook and I eat everything she makes. Steaks, roasts, casseroles. Chicken and cakes and pies. I also drink 2 protein shakes a day. I have done this for 30 years.
Supplements Daily
Fish oil 9 gms
B12 complex
Vita cC 2gms
Multi vit 2

Lifting experience 35 years. I was always encouraged to powerlift and enter meets by my buddies. I never competed in a meet and only lifited against my buddies for fun. I never had the desire to compete. And I lifted for me because I enjoy it and continue to enjoy it. I have two daughters that lift with me and I enjoy that. I have a home gym and a gym membership.

Most ( all) of my old buddies donâ??t lift anymore.The younger guys I lift with now want me to enter a masters meet. But I have no desire to. I never played football or team sports. But the coaches and friends hounded me every day to play
Lifts as of this week
Bench-350lbs x 4
Incline 275lbs x 4
Squat 405lbs x 4
Deadlift 420lbs x 4
I lift on Mon, Tues, Thur Fri
Chest, Back, Biceps,calves, abs
Legs, shoulders, triceps calves, abs

Well thatâ??s it in a nut shell. I want to do a cycle of Test Cyp 600mg week x 20 weeks then resume TRT and repeat after 8 weeks and resume TRT. I have never done a cycle in my life but I have always wanted to. I was always as strong as the guys who were cycling and opted not to. Now that Iâ??m almost 50 and could be having a midlife crisis. I want to see what my potential is at this point in my life and to tell myself that I did it and this is the results. Plus my lifts are dropping and the young guys are catching up to me.

So my question is should I attempt this and is my plan sound or should I just go and have some hair plugs put in and forget about it.
Thanks for your input


Before considering the hair plugs too seriously, be certain that the doctor in question transplants single hairs, which is of course far more expensive than plugs.

Bald is better than plugs.


Thanks for the input Bill, but I'm kind of kidding about the hair plugs. Look forward to any input on the other stuff if you would.



Well, on that: In your situation, recovery of LH production isn't much of any of a concern as you've already been on TRT for quite some time.

So, the principle cycle length concern (LH recovery) that I would ordinary express with the plan isn't relevant.

That being the case, there is nothing wrong or inappropriate with your plan. I would get E2 levels checked to adjust the Arimidex dosing if need be, for example getting the test 1 week into the cycle.

Your plan is simple, effective, and should be safe.


Thanks Bill
I appricate your input. I should have made my concerns more clear. I should have just ask if I was way off the mark that I'm a middle aged man that is thinking about doing a couple of cycles. I researched this idea on all of the forums and internet sites but the information related to a fella thinking about doing AAS at my age was limited to say the least. Thanks again


No problem! I'm, by chance, the same age myself and never considered that stopping me: in fact there is added motivation for the same reason you describe. If not now to make the most of oneself physically, then when?


Your very right, if not now, when? My daughters say go for it but dont get to much bigger because I all ready scare the crap out of their little boyfriends. I dont mean to but that is what my girls tell me they say. Start cookin Honey, Big Bear is coming to the table!( that's what my wife and girls call me )
Thanks Bill


I'm into my program 4 weeks now as planned. I've lost 5lbs down to 284lbs. All of my lifts have gone up 10-20lbs. the most amazing thing is how fast my recovery is from the previous day. It's like I have no fatigue during my workouts and a lot of the small aches and pains are gone for the most part. I have started to watch what I eat,sweets,soda, bread etc... I have decided not to do any single rep or PR lifts for another month to avoid an injury while my lifts go up. I hope the next 4 weeks go as well. A couple of the fellows I lift with have ask me if I have been taking creatine. My main focus is not to get hurt and lift smart and safe.


I'm glad that things are going ok.
Just a small input from a younger guy. since you are doing 2 cycles. keep what you are doing on your first cycle same as what you are doing now, but follow a VERY low card diet on your second one (palumbo's keto diet).
In my opinion, you will still be big and preserve your muscle but will drop alot of the extra Body Fat.
This is healthier for you. Low cholesterol, Low Blood pressure, Less pressure on your joints, better and more comfortable body and you will even scare the boyfriends more.
what do you think Bill?
Good luck


Thanks for the input Nidal. I have been cutting my carbs and it has been tough. I am a big eater and I have a sweet tooth. I think the diet part is going too be the hardest mental challange for me because I never really watched what I ate. The workouts are no problem. I have switched from a M,T,Th,F schedule to a every other day schedule starting this week. I did this because I think I need the recovery day. I do calves ,abs, and some cardio on the days off. I am staying with what I know when it comes to lifts, bench, deads , and squats and associated ancillary lifts. I have started doing some supersets and giantsets with the ancillary lifts. but have decided to stay with a 10,8,6,4,4,8 with my big lifts. I alternate barbell and dumbbell days.I will include some machine lifts in the future if I start to have any tendonitis or pains. Thanks Again.


It's a good way to go but it's also possible to achieve the same effects and goals with moderate carb intake.


what you are saying is true and would be better for him since his focus is more towards PL.
On the subject of moderate carbs, i read past couple of weeks that the top 3 olympia competitors coach's (rambod and farah) depended on moderate to high carbs for this years prep.


Well,13 weeks into my program with only a few aches and pains. Other than that no problems. I have not told anyone at the gym what my program is because it's a small town and word spreads fast. I know the boys suspect I'm on something because the gains I have made for a older guy are noticeable. My weight has stabilized at 290lbs. I have really improved on my diet, moderate carbs,fat and still high protein. 3500 to 4000 calories a day. had a little problem with constipation for a few weeks but it resolved when I added fiber husks to my protein shakes( thank goodness). I don't know why but I have steered away from the my usual workout buddies. I still ask them to spot me and talk to them but I don't really work out with them much anymore. They keep asking me if I'm on the "juice"and I tell them,"Where would a middle aged guy like me get " juice" and what would I do with it". But they know I'm doing something and they they aren't buying creatine anymore.My daughters haven't told any one, but they do say I have gotten a little cranky of late. it's just that some days I'm really tired from work and the gym. Geez, I think I'm getting a little pyrnoid. Well on to the lifts as of yesterday.
squat-455x2 no wraps,suit,belt
Deadlift- 495x2
All my lifts have come up 50-60 lbs
I am starting to have some bicep pain in my lower arm when I deadlift, barbell curl or pullups. I have been working out M,T,W F,Sa,Su. I switched from every other day because I found it was easy to add another off day in the mix. I go to the gym mornings afternoons and nights depending on my business schedule and job load. I do each lift twice a week with alt. push pull days. Chest and biceps, back and triceps, and legs and shoulders. My body has started to show change, I'm really surprised at myself. More muscle definition, vascularity, and core thickness. One of my daughters friends described me as "massive" to her boyfriend. That's a motivater if any thing is. Well, I've bored ya'll enough. any thoughts or input is appricated.