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Dizziness, What to Do?


Hi there!
I have been doing powerlifting for about 3 years now. Slowly but surely I managed to recover from anorexia. Basically, powerlifting helped me emotionally.
Since birth, I have also been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse (yes I know i shouldn’t even be lifting or doing anything, but try to understand that it is the only sport I enjoy as it helped me overcome some great problems).
The thing is I get really dizzy and sick a lot. Lately I have been getting dizzy even at warming up with just the bar. I have visited the doctor but they just keep telling me to stop, without a good explanation. (For them I am just another funny patient so they said.)
I tried resting for a week and doing light exercises but the problems do not seem to dissapear. This has been going on for about 3 months now.
I would really appreciate if someone with a similar condition or more experiences could help me figure out what to do, or is the only solution really to quit everything?

Thank you for all your answers !