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Does anyone else here train with a disability? I have multiple sclerosis so have had to redesign how I work out in the past year (can’t overheat). So now I find myself working out at home with the air conditioner and fan going (yes, even in the winter…although, I’m in FL). While working out without sweating definitely presents a challenge, I’ve found it useful to use heavier weights (for me) and slower, more controlled movements. And I have to thank T-Mag for that; I had bought into the 3x10 lie for years. Just wondering if anyone else has a similar situation and how they work around it.

I don’t have a disability but I’m curious to know how advanced your MS is and if training has helped slow down the progress of the disease.

That is, if you don’t mind my asking.

If you are not supposed to overheat why the hell do you live in florida?
This isn;t a flame, it is a legitimate question.

My GF is currently in the process of getting certified to be a trainer of people with handicaps. I’ll see what she has to say.

Grooveless - point well taken! All of my family lives in Florida. I reached a point last year where I couldn’t take care of myself for a couple of months. So I guess the answer is…in case I fall into that trouble again.

MD - I have relapsing/remitting MS (some months I can barely walk or even think straight and others I seem to be perfectly normal). I fell into a point of remission last summer and took the opportunity to get bigger and stronger, starting with the Growth Surge Project. I also changed my diet with a lot of the info I gained here. I have only experienced dizziness at diferent points in the last 6 months (as opposed to dizziness, vertigo, numbess, weakness, memory loss, overshoot of arms, overactive bladder… you get the point). So yes! I believe training has slowed the progression of the disease, or at least made it much more liveable! And I have to say that I owe it all to T-Mag!

Hey highersights ,
Just some general suggestions, some of these you may already do.

-Keep Ice Water near by and dont be shy about driniking it. This should cool you down a bit.
-I would suggest trying out that new Hydryx Hardcore Workout Towel. They are pretty cool (bad pun intended). Since your working out at home, try keeping it in the fridge, then using it as needed.
-Check these out too - http://www.50degree.com/ or http://koolnsafe.com/~jkool/cgi-bin/cart.cgi

I never personally used the vests, but my brother did while he was working in a warehouse once…he said it kept him from sweating in the summer.

my disability is deaf and very light
speech impairment. last march (25th)
i had a coclear implant on my left
ear, and have almost “normal hearing”
but without the device i’m stone deaf.
any others out there with hearing loss
and or deaf? know sign language? i do
but very little due to mainstreamed into public schools.graduated 83. welcome e-mails etc…


Thanks IL. The water thing is a definite. I may check out that towel and definitely the sites. I appreciate the advice.

Barton - strangely enough, I have 30% hearing loss thanks to a really high fever as a baby. I’ve worn hearing aids most of my life but have given them up in the past few years due to the discomfort and financial aspects. I had to go through speech therapy to learn how to pronounce the letters ‘s’ and ‘th’ since I never heard them right. I think biggest problem with it is that it filled me with extreme shyness throughout my younger years. I wonder if that’s common.

i have psoriatic arthritis at 17… Oh yeah baby, lost alot of muscle mass becuase of it (was doing 12 deadhang pullups right before it started setting in now i can do maybe one or two, could also bench about 200 not im back down to 135, could rep curl 50dbs no im down to 35s, could db row 60lbs with dead on form now im down toa round 40) but im starting Enbrel injections this friday whihc should help alot and ill be back in the game probalby around the time i graduate and wityh a little luck these meds will work and ill be able to go into Fire Rescue and be a firefighter/paramedic,
also my feet have fallen, methinks becuase of the arthritis so now i have these sports model foot inserts… Yeah im allll fucked up son, if it werent for vioxx i wouldnt be able to get out of bed

You are very welcome. I think you show alot of balls training through adversity. Alot of the others who piss and moan about every little thing should take note of this guy’s tenacity.

I second that Il Cazzo. There are way too many people with no reason to complain who bellyache way too much about the silly reasons why they can’t train.

Thank you highersights for starting this thread.

Good luck with your new treatment herb311 and congratulations on your cochlear implants barton.

Keep on rockin’ guys.

Herb - I wanted to wish you luck. The prognosis looks pretty good with Enbrel - with benefits as early as two weeks. I know it doesn’t seem fair to be afflicted at your age but then again…you have the distinct advantage of facing future adversities in a way that other people will never understand. I truly believe that you will be much stronger for it, mentally and physically.

Congratulations on working out and keeping your head up proudly. Next time I feel lazy I’ll think about you to get into the proper frame of mind of not complaining/being lazy and appreciate doing what others wish they could do.

And Herb, in a sense you really are lucky (assuming the condition doesn’t get worse) because the more sh#t you go through now, the stronger and more mature you will be in the very near future. I’ve gone thru a lot of adversity, like many others, but it wasn’t til my late 20s-only now, a few months shy of 30- am I waking up and starting to live up to my full potential. before I just complained and was weak (emotionally and mentally) and immature.

thanks for the support guys, i really appreciate it. and as a little update i started my enbrel injections 6 days ago and i feel brand new except for in my feet and ankles were it was really bad but event hat feels alot better so maybe within the next month or so that should be under control… If so you guys are going to see me next time theres a house on fire or some kid who had a bit too much fun at a party, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah im actually really interested if anyone else has disability besides those who have already posted.

I have a problem with my eyesight. Of course, this doesn’t effect my lifting.