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DIM or Indole 3 Carbinol(I3C)


which would you take
DIM, or Indole 3 Carbinol(I3C)?
and why?


DIM (Diindolylmethane) is a plant indole from cruciferous vegetables and is known for its cancer protective properties. DIM is shown to be superior to a similar indole, I3C, because I3C may have the potential to aggravate certain cancers whereas DIM does not. Research shows that DIM supports healthy ratios of certain estrogens that play a role in cancer risk. DIM is also an aromatase inhibitor making it beneficial to men also. It blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen which is associated increase cancer risk and leads to fat storage.

from DIM Avail description. Do you start fat preferentially on the thighs?


thighs, then lower back, then love handle basically

I read mixed things on whether to take DIM or to take I3C.
I3C is apparently the precursor and DIM is what I3C turns into after I3C is digested in the gut.

DIM sites say I3C is bad.
I3C sites say I3C is the natural way to et DIM.

i r confused


well, instead of taking a supplement for that which may or may not work, try eating better (i.e. lowering the carbs a bit), and start pushing the prowler or dragging a sled. You need to mobilize the fatty acids to get into the bloodstream in the hips/thighs, the best way to do this is prowler/sled work 2-3x a week. It will take a few months but you'll see results.


so I should do sidebends for the lovehandles? jk

I've already been on IF+Carb backloading at 150g a day in a deficit for the last 5 months
I've got my diet pretty dialed in, but I'm not willing to go any lower carb as it affects my performance


so dedicated prowler work it is :slightly_smiling:


so, are you anti supplement? anti dim? or just disappointed in the Indigo?


no not at all. i'm a huge supplement whore. Definitely not disappointed in I3G, it's amazing.

Go ahead and try DIM. it could very likely work with you.