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Difference Between Multi-Vitamins

I know several “experts” have said that it is a good idea to take a multi-vitamin each day. Is there any difference between the brands, Centrum, One-A-Day, GNC, etc. My girlfriend is in grad school w/ a BS in Biology and she said that in one of her classes the ran some tests on Centrum and a couple other major “grocery store” brands and they were shit. The whole pill broke down into basically sand in HCl. Thoughts?..

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This topic has been addressed about 10 times in the past 3 weeks I believe.

i can’t vouch for any scientific theory but, i prefer the GNC megamen’s vitamin. basically because it contains no iron, where most any other multi-vit does.

Frequent recomenations seem to be:


both aren’t cheap.

I also read recently a recomendation for Genuine Health’s multi+ (the company who makes Greens+). Supposedly it meets certian disolution standards.

I use Lindberg’s Varsity Pack 2. It contains high concentrations of most vitamins and minerals and is relatively inexpensive.

Life Extension makes a decent multivitamin supplement, but the problem I have found with specialty multivitamin supplements is that they have small doses of certain nutrients like grape seed extract, ginko biloba, etc… and are lacking in the essential minerals and vitamins such as calcium, mangesium, and B-vitamins. I have also heard bad things about the cheap drugstore brands, like they don’t fully dissolve.

Foremost, I’m no expert by any means. However, I do read a lot and try to stay up to date with certain topics. I have and do utilize some expert sources,that have provided me with some advice, pertatining to different matters in vitamins and supplements. In regard to Centrum specifically, you’re girlfriend is correct, in saying it’s garbage. I use to take it several years ago, until I heard what Dr. Ann Dewees Allen had to say about that brand. Are you familiar with Dr. Ann Dewees Allen? You can access her website at, wwww.anndeweesallen.com

Keep in mind, this was one person’s opinion, but she is considered well renowned in a plethora of fields. Check out her website and you will see what I’m referring to. Moreover, a few years ago, she recommended taking Ester Vitamin C. Not too long ago, she said that Ester C and E was no good. I believe, she referred to a Linus Pauling study done on that. I’m not sure I spelled his name correctly, but you can google it. That really baffled me to why she changed her stance on that issue. She has always recommended taking capsules oppossed to tablets. She did explain why, but I can’t tell you word for word. Maybe, your girlfriend can provide additional insight into the capsules vs. tablets issue.

As far as multivitamin’s, she has always recommended, TwinLab, Daily Two without Iron, I believe. I know how you feel, they’re are so many different companies out there, including food based multivitamin’s which are more expensive. My opinion, when it comes to price, I rather pay more, if I know I’m getting a solid, effective, and repuatable product. You are fortunate, to have a girlfriend in that field. Sounded like a very interesting study she did in college. Additionaly, I recently was told, by an individual at a health store,that taking your vitamins in glass bottles is better than in plastic. I don’t recall, exactly his explanation for that. If you don’t mind, run that by your girlfriend, to get her thoughts on that, unless you know more in regard to that matter.

I’ve heard of a website, called, Consumerlab.com, I believe, which rates different vitamins. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think if you want the whole list, you have to be a member.

The other thing I’ve read or heard, is that you do a simple test at home and put a mulitvitamin in some type of liquid, I forgot what it was, and you can tell by how it dissolves, something like that. Your girlfriend may know exactly what I’m referring to. I’ve been taking TwinLab’s Daily One without Iron for men. The reason, I didn’t purchase the Daily 2, is that I had a hard time, being consistent taking 2 a day. I’m not one to take more than 2 capsules a day of one product. The one that I do, is the fish oil I take with my dinner. I take 3 at once. To me, it seems like most of the companies, require you to take a few or more of their multivitamin a day. That is an issue for me, as I mentioned above. I just hope, I’m getting a good enough balance with what I’m taking.

Also, I am interested in knowing which experts you had heard from. I hope I have helped somewhat. I’m always interested in learing more, so keep me posted on any new information you learn.

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