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Diet analyzation

Would like you guys to look at my diet, tell me what you think needs to change in it, what’s good, bad, etc.


I’m 15, ~130 lbs @ 5’7, currently looking for a slight cut. I broke my arm, so I’m unable to lift with much intensity. I don’t want to cut my kcal too much because my growth plates are still wide open, looking to get a few more inches out. I’m currently trying to elevate my carb levels because they were previously fairly low, I’m going to try a diet with about equal prot. and carbs with a smaller amount of dietary fat. If you go back a few weeks in my fitday, you’ll see that I was previously consuming 300-350g protein daily with ~100g fat, 150g carbs.

Anyways, opinions on where I should head with my diet would be great. I’m also looking to reduce fructose and lactose.

your 130 and looking to get cut…WTF!

Eat like a hog

I was 142 at 17 years old, then I started eating. Then BOOM, I was 161. It feels good not be 142 anymore. Eat some food.

If you read my other posts, you will see that I will never be mistaken for an expert, but I’ll throw my two since in. For 15, I think your diet is too high in protein and too low in carbs. I would continue eating for size, but increase your activity (i.e cardio, sports, etc) At 15, you shouldn’t need a cut diet to get cut, unless you have an abnormally low metabolism.

If your arm is broken, dont lift with it at all, trust me on this, it only causes more problems and can lead to screwed up healing, let it heal completely then go to the gym… just learn as much as you can until then so you can hit the gym with a vengeance!!


didn’t you already get ‘schooled’ about cutting at 15 already ???

i seem to remember this thread last month.


I have a broken arm, so I can’t lift at all, and I’d like to eat around 22-2300 until I get this damned cast off, and then I’ll start lifting again at 3200 kcal. I want to make this a bulk till the age of twenty, so I’m looking to get as lean as possible beforehand.

I do realize that I need to eat, etc. However, I’m currently at or around 15% bodyfat.

Anyways, my current question is/was: Is it wise to attempt to raise my levels of carbohydrates, and to attempt to turn my diet into a 40/40/20 split?

at your age eat every thing in site. But looking at
you diet it is a bit low on the good fats.


3000 calories, i know you can do it.


Not done eating yet, silly. That was as of 4 or 5 o’clock. I’ve still got my two PF meals coming.

Also- I don’t track numbers for my mono and poly unsats, I just track the saturateds and assume the rest is mono or poly.