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Despade: Journey to Strong(ish?)


I don’t think I’m quite built enough to have groupies at this point :joy:


Ya hold yourself accountable and are honest even on how you feel. I think that makes a good role model. :hugs:. I appreciate that but I’m too old to be a groupie unless Rush ever tours again…:cold_sweat:


What? That’s not you in your avatar?



Weight: 197.4


SSB Squats
2 x 5 x 135
5 x 225
5 x 255
3 x 295
Trap Bar Deadlift
5 x 10 x 320

Standing Calves
4 x 10-12 x 135
RDL w/ DBs
4 x 15 x 50

Hack Squat
4 x 15 x 150

Walking Lunges
4-5 sets of 8-10 lungers per leg w/ 30lb DBs
Standing Calves
3-5 sets of 10-20 w/ 45-135lbs

Man…Mondays (squats) are just kickin’ my ass the last couple weeks…I damn near folded at 295.

A few factors, I think, play into this:

  1. Did not sleep well last night, I think that is a trend for Sunday nights with me, or it has been for the last couple weeks
  2. My core is still shot from Saturday’s weighted ab wheels
  3. I’m mentally weaker on Mondays than I am the rest of the week, I feel.
  4. I’m in a slight calorie deficit and my body comp is improving/changing leverages/not as fueled up? (am I even strong enough for that?!)

Possible fixes:

  1. Move squats to either Tuesday or Thursday (these seem to be my most “with it” days)
  2. Force myself to get up earlier on Sundays so that I can actually fall asleep at a decent hour.
  3. Consciously up my caloric intake on Sundays to pre-game for squats.

Weight is much better than I imagined it would be (like 5lbs better), I did nothing but eat all day Saturday, that is not an exaggeration haha felt good yesterday, but still expected to be up around 201-203 (which is my typical post-weekend weigh in.)



Weight: 197.0


DB Bench
5 x 70
5 x 80
13 x 90

Incline DB Bench
5 x 10 x 55
5 x 20 x Red

Low Point Cable Fly
4 x 12 x 40
Tricep Extension
4 x 8-12 x 80-130

4 x 10 x BW
Single Arm Tricep Extension
4 x 10 x 30

Push Ups
2 x 20

This is simply not my week, minimal sleep again, had a deer go through a chunk of our fence and bust it down in the middle of the night, huge racket, sent the dogs into a frenzy, so had to go and get that patched up, took about 45 minutes, then the big dog decides to throw up at about 0245 (alarm is set for 0309, so no point in going back to bed). Let the big dog out and I hear her tags jingling off across the field…the same deer that blew through the fence had blown through a gate, so our lab decided she needed to go adventuring at 0300 in the morning.

Tried to adjust my volume accordingly, one top set, moved ok up to like 11, I think. Decent chest pump, but I’m just wiped out.

Weight is good, expected to retain a bit of water due to lack of sleep, but no bloat or anything, looked relatively dry, even.

Tomorrow is cardio/abs…maybe, ha!


Maybe…what would “your groupie say” besides you post your logs for all of us to see…accountability :rofl: sorry about deer


Um, 'splain please.


Ha, I don’t like my alarms set on even numbers, instead of setting it for 3:10am I set it for 3:09am.

Edit: I consider it my “wake up” minute, I’m rolling at 3:10a.


Edit for 5/15 50 minute weighted walk, very brisk pace as my wife was cruising on the bike with her broken foot.


Weight: 196.8, 196.2

Off/Active Recovery

Weighted Vest Walk
20 minutes x Incline 10 x 2.7mph x +25lbs

Accessory movement superset:
Shoulder Pre-/Re-hab/Health Stuff

Much better night of sleep, good morning, good weigh in with being fully hydrated and eating normally, think I’m breaking over that “edge” as far as continuing my trimming down.



Weight: 199.0


5 x 250
5 x 340
6 x 430

Smith Machine Row
1 x 20 x 45
4 x 10 x 135
1 x 15 x 45

Pull Ups
2 x 5 x +25
2 x 5 x BW

Hammer Curls w/ Fat Grips
4 x 8 x 30/35
Row w/ Rope
4 x 15 x 150
High Pull (traps)
4 x 12 x 100

DB Row w/ Fat Grips
4 x 8 x 70
Band Curls
4 x 10 x Red

Plate Raise
4 x 12 x 25

Pull Up
1 x 8
1 x 5

Just a whole barrel of nopes today, 430 should be jumping off the floor, it did not. It all felt heavy. Morphed into a pump day, arms caught a good pump, haven’t had that in a minute.

Weight is about what I expected (lack of sleep = mild bloat/water retention). Is what it is, shoulders tomorrow as I am working all Saturday, we shall see how it goes.

Edit: Even with the bit of bloat, I feel good about composition. Still feel like I look like I lift, ha. Little victories matter.



Weight: 198.2


10 x 95
5 x 125
5 x 145
5 x 165 (+1)
15 x 115

Smith Machine High Pull
15 x 45
4 x 10 x 95
25 x 45

Lateral Raise
4 x 12 x 25
4 x 10

Chest Supported Rear Delt
4 x 12 x 20

Bunch of Tricep Stuff

Pretty good pump today, still tired, but stuff got done, 165 felt a lot better than a couple weeks ago. Couple days off will do me good. Was tired and got sloppy pulling yesterday, can feel it in my lower back and it sucks, rookie mistake.

Weight is good, composition is good, life is good :ok_hand:


Great post :slight_smile:



Weight: 198.2


DB Bench
5 x 70
5 x 80
15 x 90

Incline DB
5 x 10 x 55
Fold Ins
5 x 10 x 25

3 x 10 x BW
1 x 15 x BW
WG Pull Ups
5 x 8 x BW

Skull Crushers
4 x 10 x 85
Single Arm Rope Extension
4 x 10 x 30

Low Point Fly (w/ Ropes)
4 x 10 x 30/40

3 x 10 x 35
3 x 20 x Red

Switched it from legs to chest today, lower back is on the mend, probably ~85% or so healed up, plus I’ve been kicking around the idea of switching days around.

Everything moved well, wanted 15 with the 90s and got it without really too much of an issue, maybe had a grinder left in the tank. Pretty good pump throughout, this weekend was rough on the diet (not so much crap food, just was very busy and didn’t eat real regularly and I could feel it.)

Weight is better than I expected, for some reason expected to be up over 200, probably because of a bit of bloat from movie theatre popcorn, ha.

Will see what tomorrow brings, based on how my back feels tonight going to bed will be the determining factor on what type of squats I roll with tomorrow (thinking front squats at the moment.)