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Deadlifts and Leg Presses

I was an OL and moved to PL back before suit and super wraps. Long break job kids etc.

Been throwing for around 8 years and am looking at putting up some local masters records in the M/60 class next year, in PL. My dead is stuck at around 210-212.5kgs. Whether it is sumo, narrow stance, mid stance, conventional, conventional low hip start, high hip start etc.

My best seems either conventional or narrow sumo. Either way my sucky quads are a limiter. (sucky knee flexors not quite so). Back squat 180x2, but front squat 110x1.

Have been going through a collection of PLUSA from the eighties, and noticed quite a few guys leg pressed.

Right now I am willing to try anything, as my fronts just grind along, my knees feel like I am around 80. Gave leg presses a go today narrow feet, lots of leg movement, and they felt good. Not much weight though.

What are the thoughts on leg presses for a conventional deadlifter, narrow sumo lifter

Personally I don’t see how they can be bad. I mean maybe not as effective as a Square overall but at targeting a specific weakness and brutally raping it I think it def has a place.

Just a side note Andy Bolton seems to be a big fan of the Leg Press and he is arguably the greatest Convential Deadlifter to date.